Juicy Couture Is Back Now And We Are Ready To Love It Again

Juicy Couture Is Back Now And We Are Ready To Love It Again !

Juicy Couture is back, everyone! The velour tracksuit that had been a 2000s trademark is back! Juicy Couture was a celebrity favorite back in time.

Do you remember the biggest Juicy Couture fan? It was Paris Hilton. Back in those days, Paris lived in her mostly pink velour Juicy Couture tracksuit. A decade ago, Madison Avenue was full of women wearing colorful tracksuits, and until now these velour tracksuits had been distinct. What happened to that trend? One day it was on top, and the other nobody wants to wear it anymore.

The first sight that Juicy Couture is back in our wardrobes was in 2016. During Vetements’s ss17 show in Paris, we saw a modern version of the velour tracksuit with high wasted bottom and a crystal Juicy Couture logo across the bum. Everyone loved it! Kylie Jenner and Rihanna wore it!
Today, during the COVID-19 pandemic, loungewear has been everyone’s style. We are through a second lockdown for 2020, and thank god Juicy Couture is back!

Yep, Juicy Couture is back. But not exactly as we knew it back in 2020. If you spend some time scrolling at www.juicycouture.com, you see the brand that has gone wild and has made some changes in their designs. First, Juicy Couture’s designs are cooler than ever. Crop hoodies, high-waisted bottoms, and crystal logos can describe Juicy Couture in 2020. They even design a pink bandeau with a crystal logo across it! The whole aesthetic has moved from girly to 90s cool -girly, and we are excited.

Lately, the formal queens of velour tracksuits, Kim Kardashian, and Paris Hilton recreated some iconic photos with their favorite Juicys for the SKIMS velour tracksuits launch. It was iconic. All these are signs that Juicy Couture is back! This time we will do it better because we have the knowledge now!