Take A Look Inside The Aesthetically Pleased Glossier Nyc store

Take A Look Inside The Aesthetically Pleased Glossier Nyc Store

  *During the Covid 19 pandemic, the Glossier company has decided to close all its store for the rest of 2020.* You can still taste some Glossier Nyc aesthetic here*

Glossier was founded back in 2014, but its first flagship store opened on November 18th of 2018. Yes, so devastating that we couldn’t have access to such pale pink paradise earlier. Have you ever tried to get into this magical glossier NYC store? If you did, I’m sure you meet a big queue of makeup lovers from all over the world waiting to access this beautiful wonderland. 

The famous Glossier Nyc Soho store is the perfect Instagram store. Every wall, every room, all of them are perfect for Instagram photos. Every makeup addicted that steps his foot into the glossier NYC store is spending more time Instagramming than shopping. This Instagram masterpiece is a design of Gachot Studios and P.R.O. . Just in case you want to renovate your glam room.

But let’s take a closer look at this glossier NYC beauty. 

First things first, in CLOSSFASHION.COM we love pink that we couldn’t mention that the whole store is a pale pink symphony. Yes, pink lovers here’s your sacred place.

When you open the door, you will see the famous glossier NYC store’s stairs.

And that’s a breathtaking intro! It’s crazy how aesthetically please is glossier NYC store because you feel full just watching this perfection of materials, lights, and color, don’t you? As Paloma Elsesser said in the glossier Nyc youtube store tour, ”the floors look like strawberry shortcake”.

Right after you have slowly walk up the stairs, you will see the dazzling foyer. These pink roses are the most beautiful thing you have seen lately. Also, can I have those chairs in my dining room, please? You have already designed the outfit you want to picture in front of this pink foyer, don’t you?


And here is where the magic happened. The main room where you can see and try out all of our favorites Glossier cosmetics. Paloma said that ”because you don’t have to be good at makeup to do the freaking makeup”.

The main room is again a perfect cocktail of these beautiful pale pink shades. Can someone give us the codes of these colors? I need them for my bedroom’s walls. The store’s organization is absolute. The round led mirrors is the perfect addition to this room.

And then what? Everyone’s favorite the wet room. There are real sinks there that you can use. This room is full of Glossier’s skincare testers. How cool is this? The best part is that you can try every one of them! Sounds like a spa in a store ! Amazing branding glossier nyc  !

Did you believe that there’s no something more impressive than the wet room, didn’t you? Sorry, but there is. The iconic and Instagram favorite ”YOU LOOK GOOD” mirror. It’s one of our favorites because of its meaningful message. It’s a mirror that doesn’t make you feel ”less”. It tells you that you look good. Well, congrats Glossier NYC store. We love this!

Last but not least! The Boy Brow room! God, we love this product. Especially when they are in your size, they are truly adorable! Who wants a human-size boy brow mascara? We need it!

Oh god, what a tour! Who feels like he wants to renovate his whole house and buy every Glossier product? Well, I do! You can see Glossier’s Nyc store tour on Youtube with our favorite Paloma Elsesser.