Best 45 luxury Christmas gifts for her to put under the tree

Best 45 luxury Christmas gifts for her to put under the tree
November 3, 2020 closs team

Holiday season is coming. Probably you are searching for the finest luxury Christmas Gift for her or just watch for some new stuff to your add to Christmas list. Either way, this guide is the perfectest choice for you . 

From silk slip masks which cost $50 to an exclusive Hermes Kelly Bag that selling for over $10.000, this list will help you find the choicest luxury gift for her based on your own budget .

1. For Chanel lovers

Every woman no matter her style loves to have a classic pair of Chanel CC earrings. You will succeed 100 % by putting these little Chanel beauties under her Christmas tree .

2.Merry Guccimas

For 90's lovers that would be the best luxury Christmas gift for her ever !Just wait until she opens the big box with the satin bows !

3.More Guccimas

Name one girl who loves luxury stuff and she can resist on a pair of extra fine GUCCI lingerie? Well, well Merry SEXY Christmas to you both !

4.Eternity Roses

Usually luxury gifts are expensive high fashion stuff or diamond rings, but not anymore. They are velvet and soft hidden in a luxurious box, she will fall in love again . Don’t forget to write the card .

5. Diptyque candle

After Carrie Bradsaw showed off a bunch of Diptyque candles in her Manhattan apartment , these candles have become the epitome of luxury for scent lovers .

6.Aussie Christmas with Zimmerman

The Australian brand that stands out has make a lot of girl’s heart swell. Surprise her with an iconic Zimmerman dress plus tickets to Mexico. She will enjoy it in Tulum.

NOW 361$

7. Moisturizing Xmas- La Mer

Give her the creme de la creme of the luxury skincare, La Mer moisturizing creme, and her skin will be forever grateful to you .

8.Diamonds are a girl's best friend

Tell me, Harry Winston, tell me all about them! Like Marlyn said. These diamond Dianna M. earrings will make her feel like Marilyn Monroe.
Save more than 50 % off now .


Give her the most luxurious sleep of her life! She’s queen of fashion outside, but what about homewear? Give her the most stylish home wear/pyjama of her life !


Her dream vacations in Portofino Italy got cancelled this year? Well, give her a taste of the Italian Riviera by giving her this perfume. Crisp citrus oils and surprising floral notes, balanced with amber undertones, awaken the senses, leaving a splashy yet substantive impression .

11.Dreaming of marmont Xmas

One of the trendiest bags that became a classic in such festive color. Can you think of something better ?


One of the classiest luxury gifts you can give to her! A 100% winner. There’s no chance that she will not love the luxury warm feeling of a classic Burberry cashmere scarf.

13. Medusa at home

Keep her comfy and stylish at home by giving her this pair of Versace slippers. It's Versace baby!

14. We heart it

Give her your heart in this pair of silver pleated Alessandra’s Rich iconic earrings. Inspired by the high-octane glamour of the ‘80s.

15. Tit tok , it's Xmas time

First, it’s Hermes. Secondly, it’s a timepiece so she will never get late on one of your dates (probably). It’s a win-win!

16.Stay safe , stay chic

COVID-19 has a tremendous impact on our lives and our routines, but it can’t take away our style! Keep her safe and chic with this silk pleated mask.

17.It's tea time !

Does she enjoy having her tea time during the day? Then you should give her the most luxury -iconic cup of all times. Go for two, so you can enjoy these moments together!

18. Amina's Xmas party

One of the most exclusive and usually sold out shoes of the season. Weirdly, you can now actually get them. She will adore the Gilda pumps!
Hurry up !

19. Dolce Xmas !

A clutch for all the holiday parties! Black, small, and Dolce & Gabbana. The perfect combo!

20.For the coffe table

A hardcover book full of images of the most beautiful town in the French Riviera, Saint Tropez. Countless images that feature iconic events from Chanel Fashion Show to Naomi Campbell's exclusive parties at Nikki Beach.

21.Versus Xmas time

A beautiful timepiece that she will love and won't break your bank account. The perfect combination of luxury and effortless.

22.Last Valentino Xmas

It's all on the details. This is the Valentino belt that she will love and never stop wearing. Choose a classic color so the love will last forever .

23.Christmas Love

There's no better way to show your (Christmas) love than an 18k yellow gold Cartier love ring in a red box, right?
And the price of this one will happily surprise you!

24.The Santa wears Prada

If she is a big fan of Miranda Presley in ''The Devil wears Prada '', she will love this bag. If she's not, she will love it again. It's a Prada bag anyway!

25.A festive blow dry

What's the thing she cares about the most, after you ?
Her hair .
A limited-edition set with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer engineered to protect hair from extreme heat damage with fast drying and controlled styling.

26.Dior Santa

Dear Santa, or better Dior? A trendy pair of Dior sunnies that she will definitely love and wear daily. It's an effortless luxury for her and your wallet!

27.Manolo is coming to town

You have already caught her staring at those Manolo Blahnik pumps on Instagram, don't you? She desperately wants them, you know it, so?

28.Baby it's cold outside !

During the holiday season is cold, so she will need a key item for her wardrobe that will keep her warm.
Perfect choice this
leather coat .


If she got upset with the interior and decoration, then she loves to adore this GUCCI pillow.

30.Micro Christmas

Who can desire in a micro Fuschia Valentino bag? She will not. Add a lot of luxury to her party outfits by putting this bag under the tree.

31.For travel addicted

Does she love traveling? Is she the kind of girl always looking for airplane tickets and fancy hotels? Well, there's a better luxury gift for her than a classic monogram Louis Vuitton suitcase.
For limited time save up to
50 %off

32. Travel addicted vol. 2

Is the Louis Vuitton suitcase is over your budget? You can always buy her a classic Louis Vuitton case for her passport.

33. Beauty slip for queens

Slip made their silk pillowcases of high-grade mulberry silk - a fabric so smooth, it helps protect the skin, reduces split ends, and keeps bed head at bay - all while you sleep. For the ultimate night, the experience combines it with the Slip night mask.
Night mask at #44

34.For face workout

This set is a luxurious skin gym at home. Even if you don't know how to use them, she does.

35. Scrunchies

A perfect choice for women who love all the girly stuff, plus this is a Versace scrunchie.

36. Hermes Lips

Launched by Hermes, this Satin Lipstick has already become one of the most exclusive lipsticks in the beauty industry. With classically beautiful shades that all women love, choosing shades was never easier.


The most desired bag of all times, the Hermes Kelly bag is every luxury collector's top item. It's considering one of the best investments in the fashion industry right now. Didn't you know that there's a better investment than gold?


If she loves little luxury things and accessories, this GUCCI hair barrette will be her one and only!

39.For Snow white

Is she a big fan of interior and decoration? Well, Kartell is the best way when we talk about the luxury interior. Besides, who can resist this iconic side table? None.

40.Voluspa candle

Voluspa made it for the women who love luxury scents. Gardenia Grandiflora opens its secret heart to greet the sun. Wild white blooms of creamy velvet. Pure luxury since 1999, Voluspa candles have the highest quality ingredients, and their scents are second to none.

41.For (Xmas) cards

She will never lose any of her cards again. This leather YSL cardholder is the gift she needs.

42. The ugly Xmas sweater

If you want to give her a dazzling, luxurious alternative to the classic ugly Xmas sweater that her grandma used to give her during holidays, here's your best option.

43. A little Xmas sparkle

This belt is a jewel. Alessandra Rich's belt is for the woman who loves unlimited luxury and sparkle.

44. Xmas Dreams

Already mention the famous Slip silk pillowcase, now it's time for the Slip pure silk night masks for uninterrupted beauty sleeps. Combine the pillow with the sleep mask for the ultimate luxurious sleep kit.
Pillow is #33

45. A ring and I don't mean on the phone

All the women love the eternity ring. It doesn't matter if she already has one or more. She always wants another to enrich her diamond ring collection.
Only $719
Hurry , it's 50%off now

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