Pregnancy belly masks

Pregnancy belly masks
October 15, 2020 closs team

A belly facial seriously ? As a mama to be and currently in my 7th month of pregnancy I will tell you that you definetely need pregnancy belly masks  . Not to speak as a doctor or as a pregnancy expert , but during this very special period of your life you have to take all the care can .

Why you need to take care of your belly skin while your little baby is growing inside you ? Well , it is growing and it needs a lot of space so your belly and your belly skin grow bigger day by day . It’s true , your body will change so much during these months in order to bring a new soul into life , sounds like a small price to pay . Sometimes this change may cause some trouble to your skin like stretch marks and loose skin.

These skin problems are better to be prevented rather than getting ridden of  . So up until now we all know these pregnancy products such cremes and oils that help you prevent these problems . And most of them really  do that , especially if you use them consistently and from the very beginning .  But now a new type of product has arrived for all of us momas to be to care of ourselves , the pregnancy belly masks !

What’s  pregnancy belly masks ?

Well it’s exactly like your face sheet mask but designed especially for your precious belly ! It sounds awesome .

The brand behind all of this mama love is Hatch Collection . The brand is specialized in everything you need during your pregnancy from maternity clothes to self care products .


How Hatch mama pregnancy belly mask works ?

This hydrating and biodegradable sheet mask is the ultimate self-care mama moment. It’s a targeted treatment for pregnant bellies that helps minimize the appearance of stretch marks and scars during pregnancy and postpartum. Free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, fragrance and worries.




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