Where to find designer clothes to rent

Where to find designer clothes to rent
September 16, 2020 closs team

How many times have you been invited in a very special gala , event or even a party and that time you couldn’t afford to buy the proper designer dress to wear . Let me guess , many times ! It’s so true , for real girls with real jobs and a rent to pay every month , buying a new designer dress every time a wedding or an event invitation arrives at your door is insane . So let’s find some designer clothes to rent!!

Well , someone else would tell you not to buy this beautiful full of sparkle  dress you saw on Selfridges’ windows but to choose a dress from topshop or hm instead. Let’s clear something up, we really love topshop and hm , but sometimes the circumstances require something a little extra right !!!

Thank god  you can rent designer clothes nowadays ! It’s so much better than keep wearing that Gucci dress you bought on outnet.com clearance three years ago , don’t you think ?

Let’s see where you can rent designer clothes.


If you are a Londoner , you have already seen this beautiful pink pop up on the  3rd floor at Selfridges , right ?  Hurr collective is the leading platform in UK for designer clothes to rent . The founders’ goal , Victoria and Matt  , back in 2017 was  to help women monetize their wardrobes, and to revolutionize the rental process altogether. Hurr collective has a real time ID verification and geo tagging which makes one of the most trusted fashion rentals .

How it works ?

It’s very simple , you can either visit their pop up store in Selfridges or you can fast , safe and easily go online . First you have to register at www.hurrcollective.com , you will need to verify your ID and you are ready to  start renting designer pieces  , or even put your own clothes to be rented and loved by other women! So , when looking for designer clothes to rent , this is your answer!!


  1. Style lend

Well , another platform that lets you rent designer clothes from other people’s wardrobes is Style Lend . From Lady Dior bags to Chanel runway hats , Style lend will be your dreamy place if you want designer clothes to rent!


How it works ?

Find your look , get your order delivered in 2-3 days and enjoy your rental for 7 days .Ship your order back in pre-paid envelope . Also they guarantee you that it will fit you , if not then you get a refund excluded the shipping cost and a 10$ handling fee. And because s**t happens , you get your rental insurance for 5 $ . Think that spills happen all the time ,especially at parties with a lot of champagne !



  1. Rent the runway

How would you feel if you just could rent unlimited clothes every month with a monthly fee of course . Sounds fascinating to me ! Rent the runway is an online  platform where by paying a monthly subscription you can have different fashion rentals at your door every month .


How it works ?

In this platform you can do one time rentals or you can rent with a membership . For the one time rentals , you have to pick the style you want to wear at least 2-4 days before your event , then choose a 4 day or 8 days rental . Rent the runway will always send you a back up size to ensure that it will fit perfectly to you . When you are ready , just  pack your rental and ship it back  with the prepaid label . Oh and the dry cleaners is on them ! So , if you’re all about designer clothes to rent , go for it!!


  1. Villageluxe

Are you a Sex and the City style New Yorker ? Well , if Carrie Bradsaw was a real person , she would definitely use Villageluxe for her outfits. Like most platforms , you can rent your own designer clothes on villageluxe but the best part is that if you have a 30 plus rent list they will give you a complimentary photoshoot for your items ( only for New York , unfortunately )! Wow , so professional !


How it works ?

Well , it’s super easy like all the platforms ! Browse thousands of luxury items with guarantee fit , you can return in 24 hours unworn if it doesn’t fit and get a full refund minus the shipping costs . You can borrow for 1 or 2 weeks period . If you choose to rent designer clothes for 2 weeks you will get a 40 % off discount applied at second week ! If you have some pieces you wish to rent , upload your photos or book a complimentary photoshoot for 30 plus items listing and start monetizing your wardrobe !


  1. Front Row

Started back in 2016 as an invitation only fashion rental platform , Front row now is one of the leading rental services in London . Rent the most exclusive pieces with guarantee fit in London . If you are looking for something specific you can just find it and upload the photo and maybe the next day it will be listed . This is how their listing works based on your votes and wishes !

How it works ?

Unfortunately , Front Row services are available only in London .You find the designer piece you want to rent , rent it for 5 days or even more by contacting them . If the item doesn’t fit , you have to contact them within four hours of receiving your item and they will send you another item for free ! They go to the dry cleaners but they offer optional but highly recommended insurance because you know life happens all the time !







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