Nisyros Greece should be your next destination

Nisyros Greece should be your next destination
August 25, 2020 closs team

Beautiful , small and wild . If I could describe Nisyros  island with just three words , these would be the ones. Nisyros is also a volcanic island . Located in the Aegean sea , Nisyros Greece is one of the most impressive islands among the Dodecanese . Hidden from the touristic crowds , Nisyros would be the perfect destination for unforgettable summer vacations in Greece .

Nisyros Greece is only 3 hours away from Rodos’ port with the fast ferry ( Dodekanisos seaways). It is easily accessible from other big touristic spots like Kos island  . So , wherever you may stay , you just need to fly to Rhodes or Kos and from there with just one ferry you will reach this treasure island .


‘’ Nisyros is a volcanic wildly beautiful island , virgin  with amazing food and Greek authenticity ‘’

Mandraki is Nisyro’s center , try not to get confused because Rodos’ center is also called Mandraki . Nisyros  has three other villages , Palloi , Emporeios , Nikia .   Let’s start with the island’s center  , Mandraki .



PRO TIP : Nisyros doesn’t have any public transportation , so the best thing is to rent a car ‘’

Mandraki is located 2 mins away on foot from Nisyros’ port . As soon as you step there , you will think that you are in Cyclades . Beautiful , tiny streets with blue and white traditional houses are everywhere in Nisyros’ center . A scenery that may remind you of Mykonos is the seaside section of Mandraki. Houses right by the sea , something very similar to Mykonos’ little Venice but wilder and without the touristic chaos . Right above this magnificent scenery is located the church of Panagia Spilliani .


This church is built on a very high rock at the castle of Mandraki . The view from there is breathtaking . There are many cute restaurants at the center’s seaside and inside area but there’s one that I can’t stop taking about . The Geusea restaurant is right by the shore and serves the most delicious and well cooked fish food you will ever taste . Does this sound too much ?!!

Well , try first and then you tell me. You should include at your order the ‘’taramosalata ‘’ , oyster or shrimp spaghetti for sure !


Now let’s move to Palloi . Well ,  Palloi is the beach village of Nisyros . It’s a nice small port with some private yaughts and little restaurants where you can taste local dishes  . It’s very peaceful and relaxing , just so perfect for your evening walk on the island .

Next is the Emporeios village . This village  is located far away from the sea and it’s built at a mountain’s edge .It’s an unsual place to see in an island , it looks like a castle . My favorite thing to do there is to eat at the village restaurant called ‘’ To Balcony  tou Emporeiou ‘’   and it means the balcony of Emporeios . This tavern is literally a balcony with amazing  view at  Nisyros’ volcano and amazing traditional food to taste ! I suggest you to try ‘’kapama’’ which is a traditional dish of Nisyros with lamb and rice , it’s so delicious and genuine .

Best places to enjoy delicious food in the island  are ‘’Geusea restaurant’’ and’’ To balcony tou Emporeiou’’

Some kilometres away you will see the beautiful amphitheatrical village of Nikia . Again beautiful blue and white houses with amazing views at the Aegean sea will make you think that you are in Santorini . The village’s main square is one of the most picturesque and Instagram worthy places on the whole island . It’s a beautiful round square with two traditional cafes or you better call them ‘’kafeneia’’ that serve famous traditional Greek delights .

It’s very uncommon that this is an island guide and  we haven’t  talk yet about beaches except the one in Palloi . Well , that’s because Nisyros is not the perfect place for beach lovers . It’s a wonderful island with beauties that other famous destinations wiould be jealous of , but honestly it’s not the perfect beach spot . Because of the volcano the sand and the rocks are black or dark brown and that’s not for everyone.

Then , you can’t skip a visit at the volcano . Nisyros has one of the few volcanos in the whole world that you can visit and actually step on its crater  . If you are an adventure hunter , you will definitely love this experience .

So , Nisyros is one of the most picturesque , beautiful and wild islands in Greece , it’s definitely worth your visit . It can provide you vacations with quality away from the mass .


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