How to choose your first eternity ring with diamonds

How to choose your first eternity ring with diamonds
August 25, 2020 closs team

Diamonds , diamonds are a girl’s best friend .True words . Every woman has a secret desire for these little shiny rocks .   Well ,an eternity ring with diamonds is so classic yet a huge trend. It’s possible that your grandma owns an eternity ring with diamonds but also the Kardashians have a bunch of eternity rings, so everyone wants them. It’s the most classic type of diamond ring after the engagement ring of course .

If we are talking about real diamonds then we are talking about high jewelry so that means that could break the bank .On the other hand , if you don’t want to break the bank you can always buy an eternity ring with zirconia , fake diamonds that are artificial. It’s ok either way ! You deserve to have a eternity ring with or no diamonds .

So  , let’s clear all these up

How to choose your first eternity ring with diamonds

1)Gold or silver

First you should consider is if you would like your ring to be set on gold or silver . Gold is forever but it will get the price a lot  higher than an eternity ring set in silver . What’s the con about silver ? It will oxidize and turn black , on the other hand gold never looses its shine . But if you choose silver then you can’t easily have real diamonds on it , real diamonds almost always set in gold . If you go for a silver ring of course you will get a much better price but it’s not a piece that will last .




2)Diamonds or zirconia

So , if you go for gold it’s now the time to decide how far you would like to go . Buying an eternity ring with diamonds will be an investment for your whole life , actually it’s a piece of jewelry even your children will have but of course you will need to spend  more money for this .  If you are asking me if there’s a visible difference between an eternity ring with diamonds and  one with zirconia , I would say no if you’re not an expert . Only an experienced gemologist or jeweler can see the difference at first sight.

Well , the prices for diamonds vary . The size , the clarity , the cut everything change the price in these stones . There can be huge difference in the price for same size diamonds.




3) Diamond cut

If you are going for a gold eternity ring with diamonds , you need to choose your stones’ shape . The most classic type of eternity ring comes with brilliant cut diamonds and this type will be a good start for your eternity ring collection. You can find diamond eternity rings with cushion cut diamonds , that’s the type the Kardashian – Jenner’s wear , baguette cut diamonds etc .

4) Where to buy your first diamond eternity ring ?

Well , you can always visit your trusted jeweler and even create with his help your one of a kind eternity ring but that may increase the cost . On the other hand you can shop online for exclusive offers or even going for a second hand eternity ring to get an even better price . When it comes to high jewelry  you should always  buy from trusted , well reviewed sites like  or

Buying your first eternity ring isn’t a piece of cake , trust me , I know . Take your time , don’t rush it for any reason . Go to different jewelry shops , search as much as you can online for offers ( take a look above , I have found some for you ). Well , take your time and I’m sure you will find your dream eternity ring !

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