What to wear in Capri For An Unforgettable Italian Getaway

What to wear in Capri For An Unforgettable Italian Getaway
July 3, 2020 closs team

Hey guys ! How are you doing ? Very well  I guess because you’re already preparing your trip to Capri ! Oh Capri is a magiacally beautiful island !I can guarantee you won’t want to leave this place ! It’s so charming , it has something from old hollywood . It takes you back to the 50’s , where all the elite was going to Capri for vacations ! It’s so dreamy! But , I know you already know all these stuff . The only thing you don’t know is what to wear in Capri , right ?

Well  don’t worry girls , I’m gonna help you and you are going to look fabulous in Capri ! I am gonna make you look like Sophia Loren ! Just keep reading !
So , let’s move on what to wear in Capri .

First of all , I’m not going to give you advices on how you are going to feel supercomfortable and look like a tourist . I’m gonna help you be comfortable and look like you are a Holloywood star who moved  there since the 50’s ! Are you ok with that ?
Since you keep reading , you are ok !

What to wear in Capri



Domenico Dolce & Stefano Gabbana have shot their campaigns a lot of times in Capri .Also their collections have been inspired from the island ! All the prints with the lemons , majolica and so many more  are inspired from Capri’s vibes and traditions ! They even had an alta moda ( haute couture) show in a charming beach in Capri ! So , for me , wearing  Dolce & Gabbana in Capri is a must !

But ,I know , Dolce & Gabbana are amazing clothes  with the finest quality , but they are not budget friendly ! So don’t worry, I’ve done work for both sides ! Below you can find my favorite Dolce & Gabbana picks to rock your trip in Capri . Also you can find some Dolce & Gabbana similar aesthetic clothes in very affordable prices !

But let me tell you one thing . If you can afford buying a Dolce Gabbana dress , skirt or any piece , just buy it ! They are so beautiful and well made ! Even the pret-a-porter collection feels like haute couture ! I have Dolce & Gabbana pieces for almost 10 years now and they feel and look like I bought them yesterday !

Also their designs are so similar that you can’t always understand which piece is from the newest collection and what’s from a collection 10 seasons ago!

So when wondering what to wear in capri , the answer is one , Dolce Gabbana (or look alike pieces and prints !!!).

things to do in capri italy


When you are going to Capri and asking yourself what to wear in Capri the answer is a white dress ! There’s nothing more chic , stylish and comfortable than an airy white dress to accompany you at your vacations .

For me , a white dress is the first thing that comes in my mind when I’m planning my summer vacations. There are no summer vacations if there’s no at least one white dress in my suitcase !
Plus , a white dress  is a day to night piece! If you use the right accessories ( don’t worry we are going to talk about them later) it can be your outfit for a walk in the center of Capri or for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend/husband !

So , don’t forget to put your white dress in your luggage for Capri ! Oh , tell me know that you don’t have a white dress! Oh come on ! What are you going to wear all summer long , jeans ? No , girl you should buy one ! A white dress is a like the little black dress but for summer ! And you can find a lot of budget friendly options below ! What are you waiting for ?


Capri is so damn hot ! Especially if you visit from June to September  , it is extremely hot ! So you need to wear something airy and cool to do your shopping in Capri’s center right ?

That’s why I suggest you to bring  a pair of linen high waisted white wide pants with you.  They are very comfy and looks so 50’s chic with a crop top and a sparkly headpiece , don’t you think ? I just love them ! I bought a pair this summer and I;ve been wearing it almost every day ! They are just perfect !

So again , what to wear in Capri ??! Linen pants !! You can see below my top picks from this category ! I am telling you , you re going to regret wearing jeans there ! You will be a mess from the heat ! You need them ! So , take a look below !


I love a white shirt! You can wear them with your bikinis and some gold vintage jewelry and a pair of slippers and be perfect for a daily yacht cruise around Capri .

An oversized white shirt is another key item for your wardrobe ! You can always borrow one from your boyfriend’s closet ! Oh come on , I do this all the time , don’t you?!

Don’t overthink what to wear in Capri ! So , don’t forget to pack an oversized white shirt for Capri !


You can’t even approach Capri without any beachwear in your suitcase . Capri has crystal clear waters and so beautiful beach bars , so spending a day in a super fancy plaza in Capri is a total must! So the question is what to wear in Capri by the sea !!! Well let’s see what you need !



It’s obvious,  you need at least 2-3 pairs of swimsuits in your luggage for Capri . I suggest you to pack a bikini and a one-piece , so you can have different options .


You are planning to visit Capri , which is an island right ? So  at least 2 different kaftans must be in your suitcase ! Think well , what are you going to wear after your swim in Marina Piccola beach ? A kaftan or a sharong of course!

Kaftans are must haves that you need for perfect summer outfits . So , if you don’t already own a kaftan , now it’s the best time to buy one ! Hurry!


1 . Fancy Slippers

I know , you want something glam and comfy to wear in Capri ! And I’m telling you that there’s no better thing than a pair of glamorous slippers ! Since MIU MIU launched their furry slippers with the pearls and stuff, I fall in love with every embellished pair of slippers I see .

So , even if you haven’t a pair , don’t worry . Thank god you can find a lot fabulous slippers even if you don’t have a MIU MIU budget !

Also , you can wear them with your kaftan for night walks in Capri’s little streets or wear them with your linen pants for a romantic dinner in Anna Capri . So , just put one pair of fancy slippers in your luggage.

2. Low heeled sandals

The fancy slippers are gorgeous but maybe you will need something more ”formal” , but let’s be honest you can’t take your So Kate Louboutin pumps in Capri! No way , you’re gonna regret it for sure !
But a very chic low heeled sandal will be perfect with your Dolce & Gabbana dress ! I have a gorgeous green Dolce & Gabbana low heeled mule , you would love it !

This kind of shoes is my favorite , I’m not wearing any other type of shoes during summer ! I have so many expensive wedges and I’m not wearing them because I love my Topshop low heeled sandals more ! And they are so damn comfy and cute!

You need comfy shoes in Capri ! Capri has so many beautiful  traditional little streets to walk but you must wear comfy shoes to do that , because it’s a little island it’s not Champs Elysees!

So  lovelies please check that you already put a pair of low heels in your suitcase !

3. Flip flops

You are going to swim in a lot of Capri’s beaches and you’re gonna have an amazing time ! But please don’t forget to bring  at least a pair of simple flip flops with you !

You need to wear something on the beach . To be honest beaches in Capri aren’t sandy , but  I don’t like wearing my fancy slippers onthe beach ! I prefer to spend 10 $ than destroying my 100$ fancy slippers !

Don’t forget them please !



1. Bags

I have told this before , but in my vacations I prefer to carry one bag only! And why this ?
Because bags take a lot of space and my suitcase doesn’t usually have a lot! So , I suggest you choose one bag that you can wear from day to night and  take it with you!

This summer  I discovered that straw bags are this kind of bags ! Yes , you will wear it from day to night and you won’t need another bag !

So , girl take a look below to find the perfect straw bag for Capri !

2. Jewelry

I always forget to take jewelry with me ! And guess what ? It’s my nightmare ! All of a sudden , I’m at a trip somewhere in the world ,  I have almost created the perfect outfit and I need some extra glam and my jewels are missing !!!!

It’s a nightmare for sure ! So , I’m suggesting you to pack your jewelry first thing when you’re packing! Earrings are my favorite pieces ! They take zero space in your luggage and at the same time they give you so much attitude and style .

So  girls , I’m sure you are going to have a dreamy vacation in Capri ! You are going to feel like it’s the 50’s again and you are a hollywood star ! Yes , it’s just amazing! But don’t forget you must look like a hollywood star too ! If you wear  all these things I mentioned above you are going to look likeexactly like that! You don’t want to look like a tourist in Capri , right ? And as you read above it’s easy not to!!!





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