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what to wear in marrakesh

Marrakech is one the dreamiest places in this world and it’s definitely worth the jet lag and the hours you are going to spend in the plane to reach there , unless you are the lucky one and you live in Europe and you have only 3-4 hours to get there! My humble opinion is that you have to put Marrakech in your travel bucket list no matter what .

The true beauty of nature , the all year heat ,the dessert , the fantastic hotels will give you a lifetime experience. Let’s say that you have already booked your tickets ( if you are in Europe you can book with Ryanair and travel with a extremely affordable ticket ) and your fabulous hotel ( Selman is a great option ) , so what’s next? So we definitely have to talk about what to wear in Marrakech!!

Of course you have to prepare your outfits for Marrakech girl , unless you want to have unfinished- imperfect last minute outfits , do you ?
I am  sure that you don’t! So , think of me as your fashion mama who’s going to guide you on what to wear in Marrakech .

A lot of girl’s worry if they are able to wear whatever they want in Marrakech because of it’s people’s religion. So let’s start with that!

Well , in Marrakech and  in the whole Morocco most of the people are Muslims.

It is well known that some Muslims are a little bit conservative about how a woman should behave and  dress up . So , this might worry you a little bit .

From my personal experience I can tell you for sure none in Marrakech will really care about how you look , the only thing they would care about is to sell something to you.

I mean don’t go out with your bikini , but you don’t have to follow their traditions either.
You can always show some respect by covering your chest ( if you are wearing an extremely sexy top ) with a light scarf but that’s all . You are totally free to wear whatever you want !

Now that we have cleared this up , we can start with what to wear in Marrakech.

what to wear in marrakech



Marrakech is very hot  even for me that I’m born and raised in a Greek island with really hot summers . We visited Marrakech in early March and honestly some days I though it was like even hotter than August ! So an airy light kaftan will keep you cool and stylish during your Morrocan dreamy escape .

Prefer very light clothes that can let your body breathe like cotton and linen .

what to wear in marrakesh



Lingerie dresses with beautiful bold colors will match perfectly your Moroccan sunkissed skin. I love so much these kind of dresses ! You can style them with a nice bandana and a mini straw bag like my le bacci by Jacquemus and add a little something to your outfit !

This outfit is the cool girls outfit , so are you a cool girl too ?

what to wear in marrakesh



Well , maybe you have never heard about this before but a slip skirt is very similar to a lingerie dress with the only difference that this is a skirt . I mean they’re made of this classic semi shiny fabric that lingerie dresses are usually made off as well . And also it shows off your figure without being too tight .

what to wear in Marrakech



So what’s the thing about that kind of skirt? Well , it has a double use . You can use it as pareo with your swimsuit for your lunch at the pool restaurant  right after your refreshing swim  . Secondly , you can easily create a fancier look by adding a little volume and color with an extravagant top and voila you just created a fab look for your romantic dinner at a roof restaurant in Medina .


what to wear in Marrakech




If you only had the chance to pack one item for Marrakech , which one would it be ? Let me answer that for you , definitely swimsuits . I keep saying the same thing during this post all the time but it’s damn true , Marrakech is hot as hell! You should spend your days next to a marble pool until the sun goes down! So , you need to pack a whole bunch of swimsuits with you ! One pieces , bikinis whatever you like and love ! If you want to get a heavenly tan , prefer a tiny bikini and avoid one pieces . So that’s what to wear in Marrakech.



A very important item you should have in your luggage for Marrakech is a big airy shawl. Please don’t underestimate this . Maybe it’s not the ‘’ fashion’’ item that would transform you into an insta it girl but it will give you many happy days in Marrakech . I already told you that Marrakech is hot as hell but I didn’t mention that sun burns like hell too ! If your chest , arms and shoulder are uncovered and you are willing to spend a day shopping in Medina’s souks you will get a very bad sun burn ! Wrap your scarf around your upper body to protect yourself from the sun.

So , put first on your list ‘’ what to wear in Marrakech ‘’ a light scarf , you will definitely need it .

what to wear in Marrakech



You are literally going to a place full of straw bags , baskets, even if you don’t pack any with you I’m 100% sure that you are going to find something to buy you will love.

Straw baskets are the most beautiful addition to your Moroccan style . It’s the cool – vintage accessory every 2020’s  it girl needs . Thank god , these days there so many styles of straw bags out there from tiny baskets to giant straw totes . I’m definitely sure that you will find a unique style to carry with you for your adventures.

what to wear in Marrakech



Don’t make this mistake to step out of the plane without a nice straw  hat . First of all , how chic it is to make your first steps in morocco with a fancy straw hat , right ? Second , it’s the heat girls !Protect yourself from the heat please , you want to be fresh and healthy during your trip and not feeling dizzy and sick !

I think you are just ready for your trip to Marrakesh ! Pack your things and create the best and most stylish moments there !







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what to wear in Marrakech

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