Prada Shoe Sizing, Everything You Need To Know

Prada Shoe Sizing, Everything You Need To Know
July 3, 2019 closs team


Hello guys ! How are you doing ? I’m sure that you are great , because summer is here and you are probably organizing your summer vacations , right ? So , everything is just perfect !
And maybe you really want to spoil yourself with a pair of PRADA shoes ! Am I right ? Of course I am because you just googled prada shoe sizing ! I totally understand you girls , I love luxury shoes shopping and especially PRADA.

PRADA shoes have been something sacred to me since my school years !I don’t know why , maybe because of Sex and the City or Vogue , but I always believe (until now) that PRADA shoes are something really special ! And I totally understand why you want to buy your (first) pair of PRADA shoes !But , first you need to know about the  Prada shoe size chart.

In case you are wondering why you need to know your PRADA shoe sizing the answer is simple . Maybe you aren’t based in a town where someone can find a PRADA boutique or any other official retailer so you need to go online for PRADA shoe shopping . Or you found an exclusive sale online or even coupon code ! Nowadays you have to be able to shop online ! That’s a must ! So many opportunities out there , you can’t just loose them !
And here I come to help ! I will show you how to choose the right prada shoe size and make your life a lot easier ! Because it’s a very awkward situation to return a beautiful pair of PRADA shoes !

prada shoe sizing


– PRADA shoes run true to size ?

This is the most important question when it comes to Prada shoe size chart . That’s the first question anybody would ask ! And the hardest to answer ! But for PRADA I can say that they run true to size ! My sual size is 39 and my favorite PRADA sandals are 39 and they fit me perfectly ! On the other hand I bought a very cute PRADA mule from vestiairecollective in 38,5  and it was a little tight ! So , if I have bought in them 39  they would be perfect !
So , that means that PRADA shoes run true to size !

‘’ PRADA shoes generally run true to size but you always have to consider the shoe type ‘’

-What size should I buy my (first) PRADA shoes ?

First of all , don’t panic ! It might be easier than you think to choose the right size for your (first) PRADA shoes !The Prada shoe size chart is not difficult at all.  First of all you only need to use my tape technique . I first used this technique  on my CHANEL shoe sizing guide and ever since it’s been my savior ! It’s a very simple and effective way to find your size in any designer shoe !
The only thing you need is a measuring tape ! First you need to know your feet’s length , you can do this easily by using this tape . The second thing you need to know it’s the shoe’s insole measurements .
Now you must be wondering what is the insole measurement ? Well the insole measurement is the insole length of a shoe in cm or inches ! When you have these two numbers you know your size . The only thing to do is to compare these two ! For example if your feet’s length is 25 cm , your ideal shoes must have an insole length of 26 cm ! You never go wrong with this !
And, if you’re struggling with how to know the insole measurements of the shoes ,that’s quite easy actually ! You could ask the customer service to tell you the insole measurements of a PRADA shoe in sizes 39 and 40 for example ! Well known retailers like  and many more have great customer services ! The same is for second hand retailers like , only in you ask the seller directly through  the comments ! Anyways finding the insole length of  shoes is quite easy !


-What about the wide / narrow feet thing ?

PRADA’s are perfect for girls (like me ) with beautiful wide feet ! I can tell you this for sure girls ! If you buy them in the right size they are not going to hurt you !
So , my advice for girls with wide feet like me is not to be afraid of buying PRADA shoes because generally they aren’t tight , but girls always you must avoid shoes with tiny little straps at the front !

So , let’s sum up with a small guide on Prada shoe sizing .
1) Get to know your feet’s length using a measuring tape .

2) Ask the customer support to give you the insole measurements of the sizes you are interested in . If you are shopping second hand or vintage there are also customer support teams that can help you!

3) Always choose the size that is 1 cm up from your feet’s length and if the shoe is flat go a little more!

4) If you have beautiful wide feet like me try to avoid the sandals with the one tiny strap at the front ! I know you love it but girls it’s  gonna  hurt !

5) And voila you are ready to buy your dreamy  pair of PRADA shoes !


prada shoe sizing

Are PRADA shoes comfortable ?

I’m going to say it straight to you that yes PRADA shoes are super comfortable . My pair of PRADA shoes is almost melted down because I have walked on them for countless hours . I used to wear them during fashion weeks , special occasions or just wear them daily ! They used to be my daily shoes , they were something like sneakers to me !

Once in a trip to Rome , I wore them for almost 10 hours while I was walking down the whole city/! And I was ok . I was tired of course but not of the shoes !
So , if you are looking for a luxury designer but comfy pair of shoes ! PRADA would be your choice !

Where should I buy my first  pair of PRADA shoes from ?

You can buy PRADA shoes from and other official retailers like , , etc. If you are interested in buying vintage or second hand PRADA shoes , the best choices for you are and The Real Real .
If you ask me from where I love to shop more , that’s the retailers I mentioned above and the second hand stores ! Why this ? Because in all these retailers you can always get a better deal ! There are so many promo codes , special offers out there so it is almost certain that you are going to buy the PRADAS with a little discount and save money for your next luxury purchase !
And I love shopping from second hand stores because of two things . First the prices are 50 % off in almost everything  and second the variety ! In second hand retailers like you can find everything from exclusive stuff , runway pieces to vintage treasures ! It’s my heaven ! I can choose shoes among thousands !


Are PRADA shoes on sale ?

Yes of course! During sale period you can get a pair of PRADA shoes with 50 % off ! Also as I told you if you are shopping from retailers like net-a-porter , you can get a small amount of discount almost all year long by using promo codes ! Whenever there’s a promo code for PRADA shoes I will list it in this post for you !
How much will a pair of PRADA shoes will cost you?
According to the prices for prada shoes start from 450 euros for a pair of flat leather sandals and reach up to 1800 euros for pair of crocodile pumps ! So , you are probably going to need around 600-650 euros for a pair of PRADA shoes !
Now if we are talking about second hand goodies , the prices according to start from 22 euros for a vintage pump and go up to 1140 euros for a  pair of leather boots .I believe you will need around 300 euros to buy a pair of PRADA shoes in a good condition .


Prada shoes are incredibly beautiful and the quality is insane and can’t be compared to any high street shoes ! Also you need to remember that prada shoes run quite true to size and they are not tight – tiny shoes ! They are perfect luxury shoes made for everyday use and special occasions as well! Just remember that you need to get the deal , especially if there’s a promo code use it as soon as you can  because from my experience PRADA shoes sell out immediately !

Now , that you know about Prada shoe size chart , prices , fitting etc , which will be your first Prada pair ?








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