All the dazzling things to do in Ibiza

All the dazzling things to do in Ibiza
May 27, 2019 closs team

Ibiza is the most amazing island in Spain ! you have propably heard a lot of things about the famous balaeric island .I’m telling you this , it is a dazzling island in Spain and there’s a handfull of amazing things to do in Ibiza !

things to do in Ibiza

Well , last May we visited Ibiza for 2 days and it was a super beautiful short trip !

Maybe the best of my life so far ! It was all about sangrias , paella and charming spots ! Because of blogging I have been to a lot of places but Ibiza has a special place in my heart !

Before visiting Ibiza I thought that I was an Italian , born and raised in Greece , now I think that I am half Italian and half Spanish , born and raised in Greece .

things to do in ibiza

So , guys enough with the introduction , let’s move on our main subject! So you are planning a trip to Ibiza (lucky you ) , right ? And you are looking for things to do in ibiza .

You are in the right place ! I’m going to analyze you all the best things you can do in Ibiza if you have limited time like I had ! Let’s start with all the things to do in ibiza !

things to do in ibiza


1)A walk at ibiza’s old town

Ibiza’s old town is a magical place ! We had the luck to visit Ibiza during the medieval festival and the whole  old town was decorated with colorful flags and stuff ! It was a magical scenery !

ibiza old town

Obviously we were visiting old town mostly during the morning hours to avoid the crowd and we enjoyed all the old town’s beauty without all the tourists ruining our pics .



So , a thing to do in Ibiza is  definetely to get lost in Ibiza’s old town and enjoy the true beauty of Ibiza ! Ibiza’s old town is so emblematic and you can still feel that you are in such a cosmopolitan island !



The old town is full of very beautiful restaurants and beautiful little shops and of course the charming houses with colorful bougainvilleas . So , stroll around the little streets of the  old town , stop in a fancy restaurant eat tapas and drink sangria ! This is one of the best thing you can do in Ibiza !

things to do in ibiza




things to do in Ibiza

2)A lazy day at Amante Ibiza

You are going to Ibiza , so a lazy day in a super fancy beach bar is a must .

My favorite beach bar in Ibiza is AMANTE . It’s breathtaking , it’s aesthetic is so clean that I absolutely love it ! It has amazing food , its cuisine is modern mediterannean style and it has an excellent list of coctails and wines ! I adore its sunbeds !

But be careful you have to book your sunbed before your arrival and to be honest they are always booked so hurry up ! The cost for a sunbed with umbrella and a towel is 30 euros for the whole day ! You can get more information here !



what to wear in ibiza




Amante , except for the beach bar, organize yoga classes in its beautiful place and also super romantic movie nights ! So , for me AMANTE is for sure a destinations to go to  in a Ibiza ! And it’s one of the things to do in Ibiza !

things to do in ibiza


This restaurant is super beautiful ! I know I keep saying ‘’ this is so beautiful’’ but it’s true !

Everything  was so beautiful , as soon as you arrive in Ibiza you will realize that , I promise !

So , La Brasa is a very fancy , Spanish restaurant in Evissa ( Ibiza’s center) with amazing Sangria and super delicious tapas and paellas to spend your evening in its romantic yard !

things to do in Ibiza

If you are going with your boyfriend/girlfriend it’s the perfect plan for a romantic night under the Spanish stars in the beautiful balaeric island .

We sat in a table at La Brasa’s beautiful yard and we enjoyed our night drinking Sangria and eating paella !

things to do in ibiza spain


Ibiza is famous for two things . First for it’s nightlife ( this is the next thing to talk about ) and second for it’s beaches .

The Spanish coastlines are extremely pretty and the waters are deep blue and crystal clear . Sounds like paradise , right ? Exactly!


You can’t go to Ibiza without visiting the island’s beaches !
Cala Carbo is a beach for long and lazy days under the Spanish sun ! It’s a little private beach with sunbeds and 2 well known restaurants , the Loca Sardinia and the Chringuito Playa Cala Carbo .

Both restaurants serve seafood and paellas ! So , grab your book and ipad , read my latest post , get a glowing tan and eat some excellent food .

ibiza evissa

Another very beautiful beach in Ibiza is San Miguel beach . A beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters and activities to do ! You can do some watersports there if you are fan  otherwise you can lie down and enjoy the sun !

Exploring Ibiza’s beaches is one of the best things to do in Ibiza ! I mentioned only two beaches but this island is full of charming beaches that are waiting for you ! So , start exploring !




Clubbing is maybe the most famous thing you can do in this balaeric island ! Not my favorite , because I’m not that type of person in my vacations , I prefer more quiet and peaceful modes !

But to be honest , if you love clubbing and partying , Ibiza is just the perfect place for you ! From epic boat parties to dancing until the morning in Ibiza’s iconic clubs !

evissa ibiza




Have you heard about Formentera ? Well Formentera is tiny island next to Ibiza !

Formentera is only 35 mins from Ibiza by ferry and that  makes it the best daily excursion from Ibiza! Formentera is well known for its giant sandy beaches with crystal clear waters and palm trees !

It’s a small paradise next to the bigger one and its one of the best things to do in Ibiza .

More details about how to reach Formentera here .


Ibiza is a charming island. There are so many fascinating things to in Ibiza , I just shared with you the best things to in Ibiza from swimming in the amazing shores to endless clubbing and partying , Ibiza is a place for all the tastes ! You are going to have unforgettable vacation there ! Prepare yourselves and your  luggage , I have a detailed guide about what you can wear in Ibiza here  as well and have the best time in the most beautiful island in Spain !



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