Zara Shoe Sizing, All The details You Need To Know -The Ultimate Zara Shoe Size Chart

Zara Shoe Sizing, All The details You Need To Know -The Ultimate Zara Shoe Size Chart
May 20, 2019 closs team
zara shoe sizing

Hey guys . How are you doing lately ? If you are asking about me , I just returned from island hopping and I’m waiting for the summer like crazy .Oh , and I forgot to mention that I bought a lot of ZARA shoes lately and I thought that it was about  time to write a ZARA shoe sizing guide too .I promise you that this the only ZARA size chart you need to read.

I mean I have already writen CHANEL(read it here) , MIU MIU(read it here) , DOLCE & GABBANA (read it here)shoe sizing guides but I really wanted to write a more budget friendly shoe sizing guide , because we all love luxury shoes but we shop ZARA shoes more often so we need more details for Zara shoe sizing , right ?

I’m here to give you all the details you need to know before buying a pair of ZARA shoes . And you must be wondering why you need a ZARA shoe sizing guide right? You are thinking that you could just try them right in the store?

But if you haven’t any ZARA store in your city ? For example if you  lived in Mykonos or Paros or any small island , where there’s no such thing , what would you do ? You would buy online right ?

And even if there’s a ZARA store in your city maybe they haven’t got all the styles or the specific shoe you spotted online . I live in Rodos island in Greece and even though we have a ZARA store here ,  most of the designs I like aren’t available at the store , so I choose online shopping .

So , reading a ZARA shoe size guide is a must , it will help you to avoid uncomfortable situations like returns and refunds .

My first online shopping refund was a pair of MANOLOS , I loved them so much, but they were huge although I bought my regular size , so I had to return them . It was so disappointing for me .

So let’s start ,

-Do ZARA shoes run true to size ?

That’s a really tough question .But it’s the most important one when it comes to Zara shoe size chart. And it’s so hard to be answered with a yes or no because ZARA shoes are made in different factories in different countries around the world.

For example CHANEL shoes are made in France so they are French size and usually French sizes run small . But for ZARA I can’t say something like this .

From my personal experience , I can’t give you an answer like yes they run true to size or they don’t . For example I have  kitten heels in size 40 and  high heels in 38,5  both of them from  ZARA .

So , it’s a little more complicated , it has to do with the shoe type , the heel’s height etc. So , below I will combine all the parameters and I will give a simple and quick ZARA shoe sizing guide so you will be ready to buy a beautiful and super stylish   pair of ZARA  shoes without all the size malfunctions .



– What size should I buy my ZARA shoes ?

The first thing you should do is to use my tape technique to figure out your exact size . If you have already read my GUCCI shoe sizing guide or the Chanel guide you know this easy and effective technique .

If you don’t know this technique , no worries , I will explain it to you right away . All you need is a tape measure and your feet ready.

So , first you need to know your feet’s length and then the insole measurements of the shoes you would like to purchase.

Now ZARA makes our lives easier  . Let me explain  . For example in my MIU MIU shoe sizing guide I am telling you to ask from the retailer’s customer service the insole measurement of the shoe you would like to purchase , right ?

You don’t need to do that at the ZARA e-shop because in each product’s page there is a sizing guide link , right ? Oh yes and in this sizing guide they have a very helpful shoe sizing guide . They tell you what size to buy according to your feet’s length !

That’s so perfect ! My feet’s length is 25cm and ZARA sizing guide suggest me to buy a shoe in size 39 ! To be honest its says that the 39 size is for 25,3 feet’s length . Hmm but that’s always right ? What if your feet’s length is 25,7 ? Are you going to buy a 39 or a 40 size ?

Maybe it has to do with the shoe type ? NO worries , I’m going to do a DEEP analysis on ZARA shoe sizing .

‘’ ZARA online e-shop has a very helpful shoe guide , that helps you to find your size according to your feet’s length ‘’

As I told you above I have ZARA shoes that are 39  and ZARA shoes that are 38 and some that are even 40 ! It sound a little crazy right ?

Don’t panic . It has to do with the shoe type ! Kitten heels and high heels and sneakers don’t fit the same !

A general rule is that the higher the shoe the smaller the size you should buy .

For example if your feet’s length is 25,6 cm and you would like to purchase a pair of ZARA high heel sandals , you should buy them 39 or 40 ? .According to ZARA’s sizing guide you are between 39 (25,3) and 40 (26 ) .

As I said before the size doesn’t have to do only with the length . The shoe type is a big factor in shoe sizing .

‘’ The higher the heel , the smaller the size you should choose ‘’

Now , if your dilemma is between  a kitten heel or a flat shoe then you should choose the bigger size .

So , let’s sum up with your zara shoe sizing guide / zara shoe size chart

1) Know your feet’s length . Use a tape and measure your feet .
2) Click here and see the ZARA shoe sizing guide which helps you to find your size (according to your feet’s length .
3) Consider the shoe type . If you are between two sizes , choose the smaller if the shoe is high heeled or the bigger size if we are talking about a kitten heel or flats .

zara shoe sizing

Are ZARA shoes comfortable ?

To be honest most of the ZARA shoes I have purchased were comfortable enough to wear them all day long . Generally ZARA shoes aren’t tight shoes like Louboutins but you always have to consider your feet type ! I have wide feet so it’s difficult for me to wear simple sandals not because ZARA makes them extremely tight and uncomfortable but simply because my feet don’t fit in them !

Where can I buy ZARA shoes ?

From any ZARA store , from and there are some second hand ZARA shoes online .

I would buy preloved ZARA shoes not because of the price but if I found a last year model I really love . But in , there are all the  current season’s styles . In ZARA stores usually you will not find all the designs,  so shopping from zara’s online store is a total must .

ZARA has a gorgeous -super stylish collection of shoes . You can find amazing pieces in incredibly good prices . But as I already mentioned ,if  you want to have  full access to ZARA’s shoe collection you must shop online .

Shopping online means a requires knowledge of zara shoe sizing and I think that now you got that ! The only thing you need to know is your feet’s measurements , use the ZARA shoe guide and consider the shoe type and you are ready to buy your dreamy budget friendly ZARA shoes .This was the ultimate Zara shoes size chart you will ever read.

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