All you need to know for the MIU MIU shoe sizing , fitting etc.

All you need to know for the MIU MIU shoe sizing , fitting etc.
May 13, 2019 closs team

Hello guys ! How are you doing ? We are preparing for fashion week , so I have discovered a lot of things I forgot  that I had !So , I discovered some amazing miu miu shoes I bought some seasons ago !
I love Miu Miu shoes so much , I find them so special and unique ! For , me they are  the most extra designer shoes ever ! But , because I love them  so much I have made a lot of mistakes in miu miu shoe sizing .

Let me explain a bit to you ! Well , when I found a MIU MIU pair on sale I would buy it , even if it was one size down or up from my regular size ! And that’s 100% wrong ! It’s crazy right , I know!!

I have sold all my MIU MIU shoes that I bought in wrong sizes and I’m still upset about this ! So , today we are going to talk about the MIU MIU shoe sizing ! You won’t make the same mistakes I did ! So let’s start!

I you are going to buy your first MIU MIU pair of shoes , the first thing that comes to your mind is the miu miu shoe sizing .

Maybe you are wondering why I’m writing this , because you can simply go to a boutique or a store to try the shoes and find the perfect size . Yes, that’s always a very good option but what happens if :

-If you don’t have a boutique in your city , I live in an island so there’s no store or boutique I can buy them .
-Online you can find a lot of designs , that aren’t available at stores ! Think about all these vintage and second hand online stores and all the deals you could find ! Would you miss the opportunity to buy a unique MIU MIU shoe in a good price becasue you aren’t sure about the size ?
– There are so many deals and sales online ! A customer that shops online saves a lot more money every year than the one that shops only from department stores and boutiques ! Take a look at the shopping section and see how many designs are on sale and don’t worry about the MIU MIU shoe sizing because we’re going to talk about it !
So , yes for me during 2019 is super important to shop online ! Don’t miss it !

miu miu shoe sizing

 Does MIU MIU shoe sizing run true to size ?

Well , for me MIU MIU are one of the few designer shoes that run TRUE to size ! We don’t have any big problem here !

All MIU MIU shoes are in ITALIAN sizes !

So , if you are 39 IT , then you should go 39 in MIU MIU as well . I believe that this is happening because MIU MIU doesn’t have any real tight shape for their designs ! For example a 39 italian is 40 french and 6 UK .

So , yes 99% buying a MIU MIU pair shoes in your usual Italian size won’t be a disaster , but even ( an impossible scenario for me ) if it is, don’t worry most of the sites offer you free returns and changes !


   How should I check if the size I  buy my first MIU MIU shoes will be right ?

As I told you before , MIU MIU shoe sizing is ITALIAN and runs accordingly. But even if you don’t know your ITALIAN size or you want to be sure 1000% before giving your 800 euros for MIU MIU shoes , I have a little  trick for you !

If you have already read my shoe sizing guide for CHANEL (here) or for GUCCI (here) , you already know what I’m talking about !

First , don’t panic ! It’s easier  than you might think ! The only thing you have to do is to measure your feet’s  lenght .

Yes , do you know  how many cm or inches  your feet are ? I know mine is 25 cm ! Just take a tape and measure your feet’s length first ! Lets say that you’re 25 cm like me . Ok , so the shoes you are going to buy must have an insole length of 26 cm !

All the MIU MIU shoes I own are 39 IT size and have an insole length  of 26 cm ! So , I can tell you this for sure !
It can’t be 25 because your feet will die in this shoe , I’m pretty sure you understand this !

So , yes the best option is to go one cm up from your feet’s  length !

So now you let’s say you know your feet’s length ! Ok , but how do you know the MIU MIU shoe’s insole length ! Piece of cake !

Every reliable site has a customer service and you can always ask for help ! You mail them  asking  the insole measurements of the shoes you  like in any size .

So  supposedly  you are a 39 in  MIU MIU . Then you mail the site’s customer service and ask them to tell you the insole measurements of the specific shoes in size 39 .

As soon as they get back to you , you compare the sizes and decide ! You should have in mind that the shoes must be one cm up from your feet’s  length .

  Don’t hesitate to ask  for help again and again from the customer service , it’s their job to help you ! You can ask them as many times as you need until you’ve made your decision ! 

 What about the wide feet  thing ?

I have  wide feet  myself , so I don’t buy Louboutin pumps anymore ! I have sold my black peep toe Louboutins  because they were too tight for my feet ! It was a disaster !

But I can tell you this from my personal experience as a shopper ,  MIU MIU shoes aren’t tight at all ! I have really wide and juicy feet and MIU MIU shoes are perfect for me !

I have worn my MIU MIU pumps at fashion weeks and you what that means ? Hours and hours walking around London’s streets on these pumps ! And they didn’t hurt me  ! So , yes if you have wide feet go for MIU MIU shoes ! You aren’t going to regret it ! I promise this !

So , let’s sum up with the MIU MIU shoe sizing guide !
– First , find the perfect pair for you ! Hurry because the extravagant MIU MIU designs sell out almost immediately ! I remember , that last year I wanted to buy these furry MIU MIU mules with the pearls and they were  sold out everywhere ! And now they are on sale in myTheresa (see them below ) . 
– Then measure your feet’s insole length by using a tape .
-Ask (mail) the site’s customer service to tell you the insole measurements of the specific shoe you want in any size .
– Compare the numbers ! Be careful ,always choose a shoe with insole length one cm up from your foot’s length .
– Order your pair ! And don’t worry , most of the retailers like net-a-porter , , farfetch offer free returns and exchanges ! So you can always  return the shoe and change the size or buy something else !

miu miu shoe size

 Are Miu Miu shoes comfortable ?

Damn  yeah !

MIU MIU shoes are super comfortable ! Maybe it’s their forms , the heels I don’t know but I love how comfy they are!

As I said I’ve worn them even for fashion weeks so for me there’s no bigger proof that they are comfortable !I have tested their comfort for many hours walking around London , Milan and Paris ! Even the pumps are comfortable !

So , yes buying a MIU MIU pair will be a luxury investment that you will walk on  without any problems !

Where can I buy a  pair of MIU MIU shoes ?

Well , it depends .If you would like to buy a brand new pair , you can buy it from the miu miu official online store , or from net-a-porter , farfetch etc .


I have found for you the best MIU MIU deals on these websites so you can get the best price . Especially on , they have the best deals ! See , above the best miu miu shoes on sale today . Get your dreamy shoe and save money !

On  the other hand if you would like to buy a second hand ( I totally recommend  this ) . There are so many reliable second hand stores online ! Oh come on ! I’m sure you already know some good second hand stores ! and are my favorite !Every product is guaranteed for its authenticity so no worries !

You know I love shopping second hand and vintage stuff because there a huge variety to choose from ! Designs , colors , rare runway pieces ! And of course the prices are at least 50% down from the official stores . So , for me it’s just perfect !



How much will a MIU MIU pair cost me ?

If you would like to buy  brand new shoes , the prices start from 595 euros and can reach 1000 euros .
But  we are talking about a second hand pir the price range is different .

According to vestiairecollective  the prices start from 33 euros up to 900 euros ! Take a look below for some great second hand deals !

” Prices at second MIU MIU shoes are extremely good , but  because of that they  sell out immediately . Do you know how many active members are on vestiairecollective ? 5 million ! There’s a lot of competition ”

miu miu shoe sizing guide


So , I believe I helped you buy your (first) MIU MIU pair shoes ! We talked about sizing , where to buy , the cost , the comfort ! So , you are now ready to buy your beloved MIU MIU shoes . Just find the perfect pair for you and don’t be hesitate to ask help from the customer service ! If you want to buy a second hand pair , hurry because if they have a good price they sell out in a day !I’m not kidding , I have lost a lot of beautiful shoes in extremely good prices (like 70% off). So , what are you waiting for !





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