Syros Greece – All you need to know before visiting .

Syros Greece – All you need to know before visiting .
May 3, 2019 closs team

Hey guys ! How are you doing ? Today , we are going to talk about Syros Greece . One month ago I went to Cyclades and one of my destinations was the island of Syros .

Syros isn’t a very popular cycladic island like Mykonos or Santorini but for me it’s one of the most  beautiful islands in Greece .

I am so impressed by Syros Greece’s beauty and I just I don’t know from where to start from .

It’s a cycladic island very different from the other ones , I mean you won’t see the classic blue and white houses but it definitely has the cosmopolitan air and the unbelievable beauty like all the other Cyclades .

Syros is an island that will steal your heart and it will give you some unforgettable memories and experiences .

Syros Greece is a top destination .



I am a fashion -lifestyle blogger for a while now and I’ve traveled to a lot of destinations and I’m telling you that Syros island is one of a kind .

The most famous place in Syros is Ermoupoli . Ermoupoli is the island’s centre and the most picturesque area in the island . Syros is an aristocratic island because of it’s neoclassical architecture .

If you are visiting Syros for the first time you might think that you are in the Italian Riviera . That’s so real , as soon as I arrived in the port , I felt like I was in the Amalfi coast in Italy .


I arrived at Syros’ port at 4 in the morning and to be honest I enjoyed the first morning hours walking around Ermoupoli .

It was breathtaking , we enjoyed the morning  views so much .

Now let’s say that you are visiting Syros Greece real soon ( thank god 😉 ) and you need some inspiration about what to do , what to see even what to taste in Syros so you can get the most out of  your upcoming trip .


-What are the best things to do in Syros Greece ?

Well , as I said before, Syros is an absolutely stunning island so for me anything you do there will be fascinating !

But if you have a limited time there or you just want to focus on specific experiences you should have a bucket list for sure !

Don’t worry ,I have already prepared for you a small list with the best things you can do in Syros . Let’s get started .

1) The first thing you should do in Syros is to walk around Ermoupolis . Ermoupolis is an amazing region of Syros . For me it’s the most beautiful place in the whole island . It’s the most picturesque place in Cyclades and you need to spend a lot of time strolling around .


2) A quick stop at Miaouli Square . Miaouli square is the most famous spot in the whole island . In this square you will see Syros’ Town Hall . It’s a big and emblematic creation that you need to take some instagrams in front of  . I took very beautiful pics and stories there , if you haven’t already seen them then you should take a look at my instagram .




3) Let’s say that you already are in Miaouli square and enjoying the beauty . Well , you might be a little hungry , right ? Next to Miaouli square there’s a traditional pastry shop called KORRES (it means daughters in greek ) that sells LOUKOUMIA . Now you must be wondering what’s loukoumia , right ? Well loukoumia are the Turkish  delights and Syros is the best place in Greece to buy these sweets . They have a very wide variety of flavors ,  from rose to bergamot to many many more . My favorite is the rose, it’s super delicious .


4) Syros ,like all Greek islands, has so many beautiful beaches with crystal clear waters and you should definitely visit one of them . Agkathopes beach is the most famous beach in the island . It’s a beautiful sandy beach with crystal clear waters and a few beach bars to enjoy your coacktail . The only disadvantage for me is that it gets super crowded . So you should definitely make a reservation for sunbeds . If you would like a more private experience you should go to Foinikas beach or Megas Gialos beach .


5) Also you should taκe a walk up to Anw Syros , especially in Vaporia . You will enjoy a breathtaking view of Syros , you will absolutely love it . It’s the most beautiful and unforgettable thing you are going to see  in this island . There’s a stunning Little Venice in Syros too , not only in Mykonos!


6) Syros like every other greek island is full of beautiful little churches . But in Syros there’s a unique little church built  literally in the rocks . This church has not any roof , it’s roof is a giant rock . So , if you have time you must visit Agios Stefanos in Syros .

So , for me and from travel experience these are the best you should do in Syros Greece .


– How to get to Syros Greece ?

Well , maybe that’s was the first question but I was so excited to write about the best things you should do in Syros that I skipped that .

Syros has a airport  so during summer months maybe there’s a direct flight from your hometown . But there’s a direct connection with plane or ferry from Athens .

The average price for this flight is from 65 to 160 euros and the flight duration is 35 min .

From the other hand taking the ferry is cheaper , the prices are like 33 euros for the ‘’ slow ferry ‘’ and it takes almost 4 hours to arrive in Syros and 47 euros for the high speed ferry which needs one and a half hour to take you to Syros .

For further details on how to get to Syros click here .





-Which is the best hotel in Syros ?

When I was in Syros , one hotel stole my heart .

It was located in Anw Syros and had an amazing view . It’s called Syros Melathron and it’s the most emblematic and aristocratic hotel I have ever seen in a Greek  island .

Think about a neoclassical building full of chandeliers and silk curtains with an amazing view in one of the most beautiful islands in Greece , sounds good right ?

After my description , I guess you’re waiting to hear that you have to spend your rent for a hotel room, but that’s not true . The prices for a night start from 80 euros , for me this price is a well set rate for this hotel and it’s high-end standards .

So , yes if you are visiting Syros , Syros Melathron is the place you have to stay in .


-Where to eat in Syros ?

Syros is full of beautiful little  taverns and restaurants .

But my favorite one  is called Vaporakia , it’s a family restaurant with very good prices , it will cost you around 15-20 euros per person .

It’s located in Anw Syros and it serves traditional Greek cuisine , don’t miss the delicious moussaka . It’s a very beautiful and quality choice for you if you would like to have a romantic dinner with a breathtaking view without breaking the bank of course .

And of course don’t hesitate to taste the traditional delights I talked about before , loukoumia . They are super delicious and especially the rose taste is amazing . Also , buy a small box to take back home with you because you’re definitely going to crave for these again !

So , guys hope you enjoyed my quick little  guide to Syros Greece .


I am happy because this post isn’t enormous with a tone of details that you might never need or remember . It’s short and contains all the beautiful things that made my trip to Syros an unforgettable memory .

My personal advice for your trip to Syros is that you don’t need to push yourself to do a lot of things , do some that make you happy and just enjoy the view , the sun and the island ! And now it’s time to prepare your luggage !






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