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Hey guys ! How are you doing ? Can you even believe spring is already coming ! And summer will be  here soon !I’m so damn excited for this !Well , today we are going to discuss about  Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing ! I have already writen a lot of shoe sizing guides and I really wanted to write a Dolce & Gabbana as well .

You know , I’m addicted to the italian duo , so I have many Dolce & Gabbana shoes .
Dolce & Gabbana shoes are so beautiful , pieces of art!

They have so many decorations on them and I love this ! For me these shoes are irresistible! If you like all this Sicilian tradition , then you are addicted to these shoes .

Because Stefano and Domenico are inspired from Italy , every collection they launch is inspired by Italy’s beauty and tratidion !

So , for me every girl who loves luxury shoes must have at least one pair of Dolce & Gabbana shoes in her closet !

So , this will be a super detailed guide about your (first) Dolce & Gabbana pair of shoes , Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing , everything!
Maybe you are asking why Kiki do you spend so much time and effort on this post , we can go to a boutique , try them and answer all our questions .

Well , what if you don’t have an official reseller nearby you ? If you follow me on instagram , you already know that I live in a greek island so no Dolce & Gabbana shoes available here .

Second , we are in 2019 and there are so many online luxury deals out there ! From second hand options to brand new shoes with a sale code !

And because , online shopping is  almost the only way to save money on luxury goods , I want to show you the way .

Dolce gabbana shoe sizing



So , let’s start with Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing stuff.



 -What size should I buy my first Dolce & Gabbana shoes ?

First , we have to know if

-Dolce & Gabbana shoes run true to size ?

Well , yes . Dolce & Gabbana shoes are in Italian sizes , what else could they be ? If you are 39 IT size then you should buy your Dolce & Gabbana dreamy shoes in 39 . These gorgeous petrol -green mules you are starring in the photo right now are 39 and super comfy !

I am a 39 in italian sizing and almost in all of my Dolce & Gabbana shoes I wear 39 . I said almost because there’s one pair that I wear 38.5 .

The pair that I had to go half size down is a very high (15cm) heeled sandal . So , I suggest you in super high heeled Dolce & Gabbana shoes to go half size down and for flat shoes , half size up. So about Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing you should know that generally they run true to size.

   ”For very high heeled pair of shoes , you should go  half size down from your ordinary size , to avoid a non elegant look ”


For , me the safest way to know your exact size is the tape techinique .

I wrote about the tape technique for the first time in my Chanel shoes sizing guide (HERE) . It’s not something extra , to be honest it’s something easy and simple .

The only two things you need to know is the shoe’s insole lengthand your feet’s lenght in cm or inches . You can easily learn your feet’s lenght by using a tape ( that’s why I named it tape techinique ).  You can easily know Dolce & Gabbana shoes’ insole measurement by mailing the site’s customer service and asking them for example to tell you the insole measurement of the specific shoes  you want in size 39 and 40.

So you can decide which one fits better . I do this all the time , they will get back to you in 24 or 48 hours .
Now , let’s say your feet’s length is 25 cm then you should buy a shoe with insole length 26 cm . If you buy a pair with 25cm insole measurement , it propably won’t fit .

   ”The shoe’s insole measurement should be one cm up from your feet’s lenght ”

With  my tape techinique you will never be wrong or disapointed . I have bought too many shoes in wrong sizes and I was so disapointed when  I tried them and didn’t fit . So many bautiful pairs returned , it’s a pitty. So I guess you now understand why a Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing guide is essential!!



  – But what about the wide or narrow feet thing ?

Well , I have wide feet and I’m super proud of them ! From my personal experience ,I suggest you to be extrs csrefull with Chanel shoes ( read more details here) and of course Louboutins .

For Dolce & Gabbana shoes , it doesn’t matter if you have wide or a narrow feet that much . They use normal shoe forms that will perfectly fit around your feet as you wear them .

Maybe the first time you wear them you will feel a little pressure if you have  wide feet like me , but that  happens to me every time I wear a new pair of shoes .

So , I won’t blaim the brand for this .

No worries girls with happy wide feet !


So let’s sum up on how you should use the tape techinique to find the perfect Dolce & Gabbana shoe size :

1) Measure your feet’s length with tape .

2) Ask the store’s customer service, to tell you the insole measurement of the Dolce & Gabbana shoe you like in any size . It’s better to ask them the insole measurement of two sizes like  for example 39 and 40 , so you can do a better comparison . Sites with excellent customer service are luisaviaroma , net-a-porter and

3) Compare the lenghts . The ideal shoe should be one cm up from your feet’s lenght . For exmaple my feet are 25 cm and the best fitting for me is a shoe with 26 cm insole lenght .

4) Decide and order ! Your Dolce & Gabbana beauties are on their way .




-Are Dolce & Gabbana shoes comfortable ?

Damn , they are comfortable . I know I say that every shoe I own is comfortable and you are thinking that I’m lying but no!

Lately , I’m buying only comfortable shoes. So , yes I’m sharing with you my comfort experience with all these designer shoes !

So when it comes to Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing , the comfort matters as well!

They are very comfortable , you will spend your money in a pair of shoes that you are going to wear.Because in the past I have spent a lot of money in shoes I never , ever wore so I’m not wasting any money  anymore .

I have tested their pumps , high heeled and low heeled sandals , mules and I’m telling you that you will wear them for many hours without any complaining .

For example ,last spring I went to Mykonos ( you can read my fab details here) and I wore my Dolce & Gabbana embellised mules with the great green color all day long ! Actually , I have put them in my ultimate packing list for Mykonos ( you can read it here) .

They were beautiful -glamorous and comfortable at the same time and perfect for Mykonos! Maybe you will wear your pair in Mykonos too ! Summer is coming so …


  – How much a Dolce & Gabbana shoe cost ?

According to the cheapest Dolce & Gabbana shoe you can buy right now is a pair of slippers and costs 225 euros , then a pair of sneakers with 395 euros and the prices for pumps start from 495 euros up to 2950 euros .

For , Dolce & Gabbana shoes it’s a fact that the more things the shoe has on it the more expensive it is .

Also , if it is from the runway , the price will be even higher that an embellished shoe that isn’t in the show . So , the cheapest pump is a plain black suede pump and the shoes that cost 2950 euros  have way too much fabulous things on themt and are from the Dolce & Gabbana show .

”The more the shoes have on them the more expensive they are”

Keep in mind that in this price range 225-2950 , there are shoes that cost 700-1000 that are glittery and fabulous too .

You don’t have to spend almsot 3000 euros to buy an extravagant pair Dolce & Gabbana shoes .

But , unfortunately these are the pairs that get sold out very soon ! The pairs that are super glamorous and have all these Dolce & Gabbana vibes and a good price (in comparison with the others) almost disappear .
”Generally , the runway shoes cost more”

For  example the Dolce & Gabbana mules I wore to Mykonos ( read the post here ) , I was trying to find them online but the most common sizes (38-40 ) were sold out !

Because this is a beautiful pair with a good price . Brand new they costed around 700 euros so it was a Dolce & Gabbana shoe deal . But I’m a clever girl so I found them on for half the money and on my size ! Yesss !


So , you can buy Dolce & Gabbana shoes from second hand retailers and save money !

Vestiairecollective  is the best destianation , you can find so many Dolce & Gabbana shoes , so many different designs in extremely good prices !

According to the prices for Dolce & Gabbana shoes start from 50 euros and reach 1550 euros ! And don’t worry guarantees you the aunteticity ! But girls , on pieces are preloved and unique so if you find the perfect Dolce & Gabbana pair in a very good price you should buy it right away! I did the same ! As soon as I saw them I ordered them !

And of course my tape techinique works for too . You just comment under the shoe your question and the owner answers you as soon as possible !
We are speaking for unique pieces in half prices and even more , so in this case there’s no thinking ! So when talking about Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing , prices is a thing to take into consideration right!
  ” Second hand embellished Dolce & Gabbana shoes sell out immediately”


   -Are Dolce & Gabbana shoes on sale ?

Yes , Dolce & Gabbana d0 sales . Every sale period their shoes are on sale in online retailers . Of course there are the second hand that are half price all year long . So , yes you can easily find a Dolce & Gabbana pair on sale . So , just read my Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing guide and I’m sure you will figure out the price.

  -From where should I buy my first Dolce & Gabbana shoes ?

Well , it depends!

If you want to buy a brand new pair of Dolce & Gabbana shoes , you can buy them on or from luxury retailers like ( perfect packing), or .

During sales , you may get a discounted price but that  depends on the shoe .

On the other hand , if you would like to be in front of a bigger variety of designs , styles and colors with a much better price , you should buy them second hand . has amazing Dolce & Gabbana shoes in very good prices ! Vestiairecollective’s price range for Dolce & Gabbana shoes is 50 -1550 euros , this means that you could find a fab pair with 300 euros and even less !



 -What type should my first Dolce & Gabbana pair be ?

Well , for me it should be something extra ! I wouldn’t want to see a plain pair of pumps . I suggest you to buy something extravagant because that’s the meaning of buying Dolce & Gabbana shoes .

It’s their charecteristic ! So for me their classic rainbow lace pumps are your best option ! They are classic , lace and have a huge jewel on the front ! Brand new cost 695 euros which is a good price considering the whole Dolce & Gabbana  price range , don’t you think ?

And of course you can find them second hand much cheaper ! For example on ……


Well , I think you are ready to buy your first Dolce & Gabbana shoes . We talked about Dolce & Gabbana sizing , comfort etc . You already know everything you need to know before purchasing your (first) dreamy Dolce & Gabbana pair of shoes . Dolce & Gabbana shoes are unique and designed for the modern Cinderella and I believe you are her!

I hope this Dolce Gabbana shoe sizing guide was helpfull!



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