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benefit brow kit review

Hey guys ! How are you doing ? Today , we are going to do a detailed Benefit brow kit review ! When I started using make up , back in high school my brows were not on my daily make up routine and I honestly don’t know why! When I started watching youtube videos , I discovered the whole brow thing and I thought I should do a Benefit brow kit review!

I believe that most girls discovered the brow game this way , don’t you think ?
And since then , I’m trying to find easy ways to create flawless brows ! I know , it’s not easy and maybe you are going to spend months of practice in order to create the perfect brow, but remember that even the most successful youtubers and make up artists started like you . For example , have you ever seen the first ever Nikkie tutorial video ? You’re not even gonna to recognize her ! So , don’t worry ! Make up skills are all about  practice and of course I hope this Benefit brow kit review helps you even more! So , if you practice a lot and have a helpful kit , you are going to have the perfect brows !
But what’s the perfect brow kit ?

Please let me tell you ! It’s the Benefit brow kit ! I know you have seen benefit’s brow products everywhere and you think that this is just a marketing game ! No it’s not guys ! It’s the best and after all that’s why im doing a Benefit brow kit review!
Yes , they have some disadvantages like any product but the advantages are so many more, so for me it’s the perfect brow kit ! So , let’s talk more about !

But why benefit ? Benefit is specialized in brows ! I’m pretty sure that you have spoted their brow bars at Sephora right ? So , Benefit is a specialist in brows !

And because of this , Benefit has created the famous brow kits ! Brow kits are a collection of all the products you need in order to create the perfect brows !
But how many products you need anyways ?

According to Benefit , you need three products ! Let’s see them !
So what does the benefit brow kit include? ( in the pictures of this post  you see the PR kit that Sephora sends me  and that’s why there are more products in it , but you don’t need all these !! )

3) Ready set brow gel

benefot brow kit review


The product I love the most from the benefit brow kit is the GOOF PROOF pencil ! When I’m in a hurry I use only this and  the result is still amazing !
So ,what’s this ? Well its a brow pencil with a brush ! The brush is so important , don’t you ever start drawing your brows without brushing them first ? If you’re used to do that, please don’t do it again ! It’s the biggest mistake when it comes to brows .

So , it’s a typical brow pencil to fill your bows ! But what make it special ? Well , the shape and extremely small size of the tip helps you to draw realistic hair and make your brows look natural ! This is very important ! Natural brows only ! I have used brow pencils with larger tips and believe me my brows looked so fake . And this made my whole face look tense and kind of grumpy ! So , don’t say that it’s a just pencil !
” Don’t underestimate the design and size of the pencil’s tip , because it can destroy your brow’s and face look !

benefit brow kit review


For me the high brow is the detail that makes your brows look flawless ! But what’s the high brow ?
Well , it’s a creamy pinky pencil that highlights and defines the shape of your brows ! It’s the key for flawless brows ! Before this Benefit brow kit , I had never used an eye brow highlighter ! But since I tried it, I can’t live without it !
So , you highlight underneath and above your brows using the high brow pencil and then blend it a little , for a more natural look !

benefit brow kit review


Last but not least  the Ready set brow gel ! This is a gel that will stabilize your eyebrows for 24 hours ! A very important step ! I have skipped this step so many times and it was a disaster ! During the day and especially during summer we sweat , and then our eye brows start melting down ! Oh yes , it’s true ! I have experienced it  and disgusting ! You need something to stabilize your eye brows and help you have flawless eyes brows all day long !

Don’t underestimate this product , you just need it !
”Stabilizing your eye brows is the final and the most important step , do not skip it !
And voila , perfect brows for you from Benefit with love and with this Benefit brow kit review !
So , what’s the advantages of this kit ?

This is the soft and natural benefit brow kit ! I believe that it’s everything you need in order to create perfect natural brows ! And it’s realistic ! I mean , we can’t use a tone of products to define our brows ! We don’t have the time and maybe we don’t have the skills .
These products are designed to be used by the girl or the woman that works and  can’t spend hours in front of her mirror for her brows . This kit is made for all of us who want flawless and natural brows easily and quickly ! And I wanted to write this Benefit brow kit review for all of us !!!!

The packaging is great ! If you buy Benefit products you already know this ! Benefit has a dreamy and fairytale aesthetic and their packages are exactly like it ! Dreamy and very well made ! It gives you the feeling of the luxury make up  but in a playful way!
I might not be a MUA but using this kit and with a lot of practice , I managed to create beautiful eye brows that highlight my face and whole look! Thank you  benefit !

At this point I guess you would ask me what are the disadvantages of this kit ?
For me the only disadvantage is the color/ tone variation! They  only have  three tones available.Light 1, Medium 3, Deep 5 . I found this a little poor ! I mean other brands like Anastasia Beverly Hills that have a tradition in brows as well offer more tones in order to find the perfect one for every lady out there! Maybe it’s part of the easy and quickly profile Benefit wants to have for her brow kits ! But , to be honest I want some more tones to be added !
What’s the price of the Soft and Natural Benefit brow kit ?


Well on Sephora the kit costs 39,5 euros ! But you should have in your mind that you buy three products not only one ! It’s almost 40 euros for three products that you actually need ! Yes , Benefit didn’t create a kit with a lot of unnecessary products and a very high price . For me the price is very good , you don’t pay money for something you may never use , so it’s a yes for me ! Also have in your mind that this will last you 2-3 months , so it’s 40 euros for 3 months !

Does this brow kit worth the hype ?

For me yes ! The products are amazing and perfectly designed to give you easily the result you want to see ! And for me that’s the point ! You see a brand’s profile that love and respect their costumers and their customers’ money ! You spend 40 euros but you take something you are going to use everyday ! Oh come on girls , how many times have you spent more than 40 euros fir something you have never used? I know , a lot ! ! I am enjoying using this kit and for me that’s super important too ! Maybe it’s the cute and girly packaging , I don’t know ! But it makes me happy !
So , yes , yes and yes !

I hope this Benefit brow kit review helped you a lot and can’t wait to see your brows so send me DMs on my Instagram !!!!






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