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chanel medium flap bag price

Hey guys ! How are you doing lately ? Hope you are great ! Well today we are going to talk about my favorite bag in the world , the classic chanel medium flap bag! It will be a detailed review about this bag ! I know that you love this bag and you are super excited  ! The classic medium Chanel flap bag size , price and everything you need to know before purchasing one of these absolute must haves !!! This bag is a must have among other iconic bags , like my beloved Lady Dior bag ( you can read the post about Lady Dior bag HERE .)

Every fashionista in the world wants to buy this bag one day ! I personally have 2 medium Chanel flap bags already ! Since 1955 the iconic design became the biggest classic trend through the years , so you definitely need one in your collection!!

But every year CHANEL  increase their prices 5-8% so their bags are so unaffordable right now ! But don’t worry we are going to talk about the  medium Chanel flap bag price later ! So , don’t worry !

Now let’s say that it’s your first Chanel bag . The first thing you are going to search is the medium Chanel flap bag size , right ?

So , let’s talk about it !

chanel medium flap bag size

What’s the medium Chanel flap bag size ?

Well , before we talk about cm or inches ,let’s clear something else first about it’s size.  As I already said I have 2 medium Chanel flap bags .My vintage denim Chanel flap bag has exactly the same dimensions with the brand new Chanel medium flap bag , the one that is on CHANEL boutiques right now   . On the other hand my mariniere medium flap bag is a little bigger .  So , you need to have in  mind that maybe there’s a small difference in the dimensions between a brand new medium Chanel flap bag and a vintage – second hand  one or an older model . You understand that the medium Chanel flap bag size is something to consider !

So , girls if you are going to buy a brand new classic flap bag from a Chanel boutique you need this sizing guide according to

23.5 x 14.5 x 6.5  in cm                                   9.3″ x 5.7″ x 2.6″ in iches

My mariniere which is almost vintage is

26 x 16 x 6 in cm

The length of the chain is approximately 105cm

medium Chanel flap bag size


” A general rule about the medium Chanel flap bag size is that  there might be a very small diference in size between a brand new classic Chanel flap bag and a vintage – second hand one .

What’s the  medium CHANEL flap bag price ?

I know that you are probably in love with this bag since you were like 16 . I was too ! And always the problem that kept you away from your dream was the price tag right ? So the medium Chanel flap bag size is not the real problem but the price might be !!

Well , girls I have good and bad news to tell you ! Let’s start with the bad news . The bad thing is that since you were 16 the price of this bag has increased a lot ! Think  that CHANEL increase the prices 5-8% every year  . That’s a lot of money ! 

chanel medium flap bag size

So ,right now if you go to a CHANEL boutique the medium Chanel flap bag price is 5600$

I know it sounds like a lot of money ! And it is a lot of money !

Unfortunately , these are the bad news ! And the baddest are that CHANEL never does sale on classic flap bags , especially in classic colors like black and beige .


But there’s some really good news ! You can actually get a classic medium Chanel flap bag in a better price . Thank god there are super luxury second hand online stores !

Yes , it’s true you can get a classic Chanel medium flap bag and save a ton of money ! And don’t think that vintage or second hand means destroyed or old fashioned !

”A classic  second hand  medium Chanel flap bag costs between    13004750  euros   ”

You saved a ton of money already ! Your husband will be so happy now ! Buying a second hand classic  medium chanel flap bag is an investment in my point of view and millions of other women . Because you buy something for much less money than it costs right now and something that it’s price increases every single year !

 So , for me it’s a big yes ! And please don’t be afraid that they are going to sell you a fake one . Sites like and guarantee you the authenticity of the products that are checked by brand insiders and experts. Yes they have exclusive stuff who check the authenticity and the quality of the products !  These sites have been featured in the biggest fashion publications in the world like VOGUE , Harper’s Bazaar . So you have nothing to be afraid of if you shop from trusted sites . Below you can see a selection of the best second hand classic Chanel flap bags from trusted  second hand retailers .

What can I fit into my  medium Chanel classic flap bag ?

About the medium Chanel flap bag size , I can tell you for sure that you can fit your iphone plus ,  wallet , your mini agenda , keys and lipstick . The only disadvantage I found on this bag’s capacity is that you can’t fit your make up kit . It’s my only problem . But that’s ok unless you are going to spend the whole day outside and your make up needs to be freshened up . If you wear it for a couple of hours it will be more than fine .

chanel flap bag size

In which colors is the CHANEL classic medium flap bag  available ?

 Well , again if you are looking for a brand new Chanel medium classic flap bag , you can choose between the classic colors , black and beige . And of course each season’s colors and  designs . For example in Chanel runway for ss19 we saw exotic skins , embroideries  , tweed , sequins and even  shearling  .

 But if you would like to buy a vintage one and save a tone of money , you can choose between hundreds of designs ! That’s why I love buying  chanel flap bags from second hand   stores ! You can choose between different colors , textiles and designs ! Take a look below to see a variety of second hand chanel medium flap bags  . 


Chanel medium classic flap bags are available in caviar and lambskin ?

 At some point it was rumored that the caviar leather was discontinued but now the Chanel medium classic flap bag is available in both caviar and lambskin .


What’s better , the  medium Chanel classic flap bag in lambskin or in caviar leather ?

 This is a question everybody asks ! I have seen a lot of youtube videos about this issue and almost everybody claims the same thing . I believe in this too . Caviar is better . If you see videos on youtube from women that own Chanel bags in caviar and in lambskin , you will hear that caviar is more durable , harder to scratch , harder to wrinkle and harder to loose its puffiness .

So , yes if I am going to spend thousands of euros on this bag , I am going to buy the one that will last longer ! So , yes choose caviar ! And below you can see the best second hand Chanel medium flap bags in caviar , take a look ! And hurry , these bags get sold out every day !!!!! Especially if they are on sale!




Is the  medium Chanel flap bag heavy ?

Again thinking about the medium Chanel flap bag size , a lot of girls ask this question . And that’s a very good and useful question . I will tell you a story . Every time I wear my Lady Dior bag for hours , I have a back pain . And I’m not telling you this to discourage you from buying this beauty . But you have to know how many hours you will be able to carry it !

Well , my own chanel medium flap bags aren’t heavy at all . The denim one is heavier than the mariniere , especially the denim’s chain is  heavier . But  you will not have any problem about its weight .But have in your mind that this is a luxury designer bag , so it won’t have the same weight as your cloth shopper . But  , don’t worry you will be able to carry this bag all day long .


”Generally the vintage CHANEL medium classic flap bags are heavier than the newest ones ”


Does the Chanel medium flap bag worth the hype ?

Yes , it’s worth it . It’s an iconic design since 1955 . The price  increases every year . It’s one of the most desirable bag in the planet . Every girl and woman wants this bag like crazy ! Come on , if this bag isn’t worth the hype then which does ? 

And after 70 years it is still a trend and maybe bigger now than it used to be . It’s iconic and classic . It’s not seasonal . If it was a seasonal piece then it wouldn’t worth the hype and the money of course unless you have a super rich sugar daddy or you are a billioner . So , for girls next door like me ;) its an iconic piece , a fashion investment so girls hurry because the prices go higher and higher !

One more thing , if you ever need money (fingers crossed ) , you can sell your classic Chanel medium flap bag and get money immediately . Because everybody wants it . So hurry , you might miss a beautiful and classic addition to your collection !

So , guys we talked about  medium Chanel flap bag size , price and everything you need to know before buying your first Chanel medium flap bag . I suggest you to go for a second hand  so you can save a lot of money and also you have the opportunity to choose between hundreds of designs !

But if you would like to go for a new one , don’t stop ! And don’t forget that this bag is not just a bag , it’s a big part of the fashion history ! And don’t forget to DM me on my instagram   to ask me anything you want , I would love to help you  !




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