What to wear on xmas eve ( to look gorgeous) !

What to wear on xmas eve ( to look gorgeous) !
December 3, 2018 closs team
what to wear on xmas eve

Happy holidays guys ! How are you doing ? We are so excited that it’s Christmas season already and we’ve all started worrying about what to wear on Xmas eve ! Everything is so beautiful and festive ! It’s the most wonderful time of the year after all ! There are so many different celebrations , dinners and parties during Christmas holidays and my only problem is what to wear to all these glam events !

But this season I have written a lot “of what to wear” posts for holidays ( you can read them here ) and now I’m going to write a ” what to wear on Xmas eve ” .
Every Christmas eve , we organize a mini party – dinner in my home . I believe you do something like that with your family as well , right ?
Well , you need a fancy outfit for Xmas eve and I’m here to help you girls ! I’m going to share with you some outfit inspiration for your Christmas eve outfit and I promise you will look fabulous !

So if you’re worried about what to wear on xmas eve , don’t , just keep calm and continue reading this post !!!

1. THE RED DRESS – not the classic way

Red is the color of the holiday season . We decorate our house with red ornaments , everything is red during Christmas and I love it !
what to wear on xmas eveSo , I just couldn’t resist  a long red dress for Christmas eve dinner and party ! I receive a lot of dm’s on my instagram the last few weeks about holiday outfit ideas and my favorite answer is the red dress !
It’s so difficult to go wrong with a red dress in a Xmas eve party or dinner ! Wearing a red dress in a holiday celebration is the safest path you can follow , at least in my eyes !
But , you have to be extremely careful with the ”extras ”. I suggest you to avoid big and bold accessories and choose a beautiful , funny pair of earrings like my christmas tree earrings . I used these earrings to give more playful  vibe to my outfit .

So , because a red dress is something that many women wear to many occasions and not only for Xmas , I added a little bit of Christmas to a rather classic look.

I wanted to create a ”happy” – glamorous outfit and keep the balance between the formal and the Christmas mood and I think I did it pretty well !


So girls :

1) Grab your red dresses from your closet , if you haven’t any that’s a fashion crime , so you need one asap .It’s almost Christmas ! And don’t forget that a red dress is like a black dress but for bad girls ;p . So you definitely need one ! Take a look below , I have chosen for you the most stylish and beautiful red dresses to rock these holidays .

2) Check if something’s wrong with it ! For example , how many days , weeks or even years have been since the last time you worn it ? You have to check the fitting and take it to your tailor if it needs to! It may need a dry cleaning to fresh it up as well !
PRO TIP : Tailored clothes always look more expensive . So , a small amount of money to your tailor can make your red dress “OSCARS appropriate” .

3) Put on some  jewelry , better earrings , in a Christmas theme , like my Christmas tree earrings ! Or ,if you wouldn’t dare it , wear some fancy big jewelry in general.

4) Choose a simple and chic black pair of sandals . We don’t want more noise to our look ! Remember always the goal is to be chic and stylish .

5) Pull your hair back ! You can do a chic up do or just put your hair behind  your ears like I did . This is also a great tip to make your whole look more  chic and classy . And it’s super easy .

6) Don’t overdo with your make up ! You can check my stories highlights for easy and quick Christmas looks . Avoid the red lipstick , you already wear a red dress , it would be  just too much . You can use a beautiful glossy lipstick in a natural color to make your lips look plumper and sexier than ever ! You can see my favorite lipsticks below !

And voila , you are ready for the Christmas eve ! What are your plans girls?


So , are you still struggling to find what to wear on Xmas eve?!!


If you want to glow at Christmas eve , you should wear a sequined body .I love them ! And now you might be wondering why I don’t suggest you to wear a sequined dress right ?
Because I’m pretty sure that you have already worn a sequined dress at some point.

Now you want something fresh this season , something new and different from the usual! And sequins are a must have for Christmas. So we can’t just skip them!
You have to include them on your holiday’s outfit diary .
And a fresh , not so ordinary way is to wear a sexy , glowing corset body ! It’s festive , sexy and glamorous !
It highlights your breast , your waist and shows off your sexy curves !
I think this Dolce & Gabbana body corset is my favorite thing in my entire wardrobe . Every time I see it , I just feel happy !
This body costed me a fortune but you don’t need to do the same ! I have found for you so many incredible designs in very good prices ! I think you should invest in one right now ! It’s an item every woman should own ! So , what to wear on Xmas eve??!! SEQUINSSSSSS!!!!!


– THE SKIRT – make the difference

Well , the sequin body is a style less worn than the sequin dress , but still worn during Christmas season.
And this year , we want to stand out from the crowd !So , I wore it with a white , lace pencil skirt instead of a black one or a black pair of trousers ! I made the difference by choosing a more  ”summery ” piece instead . It’s unexpected!!But you can see a summery look with this skirt here .

I created a very beautiful and chic contrast in this outfit inspired by Dolce & Gabbana’s runways . And it’s so damn easy for you to recreate this ! But you need a white or nude (if you don’t feel comfortable with the white -we are girls -) lace skirt or even choose a bold color skirt or a leopard skirt would also be amazing .

Really do you have one ? I may sound cliche but you really need a lace skirt in your closet .
Even if you don’t want to wear on Christmas eve , you will be able to wear it all summer long ! Especially with your crop tops and tied shirts.



Well , you can always wear a chic simple black sandal . These shoes are style saviors ! Don’t underestimate them !


But if you want something extra , because it’s Christmas eve and because we are girls who love to glow,  you can always wear an extravagant shoe !
Glitter , strass , feathers ! If you feel extra , wear an “extra” pair ! It’s Christmas , you can wear as much glitter and sequins as you like ! So speaking shoes , I think you have more freedom on what to wear on Xmas eve !



I wore a Christmas band and nothing more ! I love to wear Christmas accesories during holiday celebrations ! You can find a similar one or you can stay at the safe path and wear a beautiful pair of strassy earings !



Well , Christmas eve is a special celebration ! All the family is together and celebrate Christmas  together ! And of course you want to look fabulous ! So keep the notes you took from this post  so you know what to wear on Xmas eve!! 

But if you need some extra inspiration check another fabulous post for inspiration  here

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