what bloggers wear to London Fashion Week

what bloggers wear to London Fashion Week
November 14, 2018 closs team
what bloggers wear to london fashion week


Hey guys ! How are you doing lately ! As you already know I attended London Fashion week in September and it was once more an amazing experience ! In this post we’re going to talk about the streetstyle and all the new trends. So if you’re interested in what bloggers wear to london fashion week keep reading this post and you might get some interesting style info !!!

Runways , exclusive parties and dinners are a big fancy part of London Fashion Week but the most interesting part is what the attendees wear and especially what bloggers wear ! Right ? Well at least that’s interesting to me !

Well , London is a big fashion capital , so many famous designers like Burberry have their showrooms there and show off their collection twice a year in the British capital . So , editors , bloggers and fashion personalities from all over the world prepare their suitcases for London fashion week every February and September .


The thing is what exactly they put in those luggage and they look so good ?!!!!

Hmmm , I can tell you what I wore to London Fashion week ss19 and got featured in Harpeers Bazaar , Refinery29 etc.

Maybe you are a fashion blogger and you need some inspiration or tips for your next fashion week or you are a religiously fashionista who would like to see the latest trends on the streets of London and what bloggers wear to london fashion week . I promise you I will give you all the latest vibes from the streets of London !





I have posted this pajama look in a big fashion group on Facebook and I asked the other members to rate it and tell me their thoughts ! And the comments ….

OMG ! Half of them  hated the outfit  so bad and the others absolutely adored it . There wasn’t a middle reaction .This look guys got featured twice at Harpeers Bazaar , UK and Mexico , and got posted on Harpers Bazaar Mexico and  the photographers loved it .


I remember that the streetstyle photographers surrounded me , I couldn’t escape ( and of course I didnt want to!!!!!) So , sometimes what people like is far different from what streetstyle photographers like and what bloggers wear to london fashion week is a lot different from what people think as fashion week style!!

So , the pajama trend was a thing at London’s streets during London Fashion week this september . And you might be wondering where I bought this set from and thrived at LFW… Well I bought this from H&M on sale for 50 euros both which is amazing . I don’t know if it is still available at H&M but you can find similar pajama sets below .

At Harpers Bazaar they wrote that you should add some lux accessories if you don’t want your outfit to look so casual . And that’s so true , imagine me in sneakers with a backpack , ewww that would be so disgusting ! You need to add something extravagant to give some power to your whole look to make stronger and fashionable. Take a look below….

So if you are planning to attend a London Fashion week , you should pack a pair of your best silk pajamas , but please don’t forget the fancy accessories !

PRO TIP : Don’t be afraid of mixxing textiles , colors and prints .




Refinery29loved this outfit .

The photographer stopped me and asked me about my outfit’s details and I was so fucking nervous and  I screwed it ! But that’s not the point .

The point is that Fashion bloggers wear oversized jackets to London Fashion Week with tiny cat eye sunnies . Would you dare it ?



I mean would you wear your boyfriend’s oversized blazer with a shiny – silk green flair skirt to London Fashion Week ? I did it and I really enjoy it , I felt so powerful and confident in this look ! So this is also what bloggers wear to london fashion week.

Maybe the huge gold earrings , or the green silk skirt gave me some extra glow and the glow gave me so much confidence !

So , this oversized blazer I wore to London Fashion Week is from Tarik’s closet , the silk green skint is by H&M .




White shoes were the second most worn accessory after the DIOR SADDLE BAG ( you can read the SADDLE BAG post here ) , if you don’t have a white pair of heels already , now it’s the time to buy one ! They are this fall’s biggest shoe trend and they definitely what bloggers wear to london fashion week!

I bought my pair from H&M , but I have some gorgeous white shoes below for you to choose !

I saw so many white pair of shoes this time on the streets of London .

From Jimmy Choo booties to Celine heels and my H&M peep toes , the white shoes are the key piece of the season according to London’s streetstyle . Would you wear one ?

You should , white shoes are the most elegant and chic  addition to your style .

They are perfect with jeans , or with kimonos or even with your party dresses for your Christmas diner.

And don’t be afraid to wear white flats , Charlotte Hole shares to GRAZIA  that ”I’m not big on heels – apart from anything else, it’s just too cold during February Fashion Week, and it looks a bit try-hard.” So there you have it – the perfect justification for comfy flats all week long.”

PRO TIP : White shoes can be worn during the whole year , it’s not an only summer piece . Be unexpected ! Wear what fashion bloggers wear to london fashion week all year long !!!





The easiest way to upgrade your outfit is to put some glamorous jewels on . Excess baby excess!!!!

Wearing big jewels is the best way to add some sparkle to your outfit and trust me ,during London Fashion Week , we need a lot of sparkle!!!

Yes , I needed that glow because I had to stand out between all these gorgeous super chic bloggers , editors and fashionistas from all over the world .

So , the least I could do is to put a pair of extravagant earrings!

Now you are wondering , how much I paid for these glowing beauties , right ?

Hmm , not much . To be more specific I paid 13 euros for this statement pair .

Yes , they are from ZARA and they cost me only 13 euros .

So what bloggers wear to london fashion week ?? Extra big and bold jewellery !!!!

PROP TIP : To make your outfit look more expensive , choose vintage inspired earrings .




If you are heading to London Fashion Week , you have to choose wisely the sunglasses you gonna wear . In the fashion industry , sunglasses are the it-accessory .

I cant think of any other accessory so oved from the fashion community like sunglasses . So if you’re wondering what bloggers wear to london fashion week , sunglasses is a big part of the answer !

what bloggers wear to london fashion week

I mean sunglasses are one of the top fashion topics in fashion magazines and blogs so it’s something that bloggers pay attention to during Fashion weeks.

This year I wore a pair of tiny cat eyes and some motorcycle style sunglasses . And those motorcycle style sunglasses that photographers loved was stolen from Tarik’s closet .

So , if you are planning to attend London Fashion Week or you just want to be super stylish and trendy ,and you want to wear what bloggers wear to london fashion week , don’t be afraid to wear some not so ordinary sunglasses .

With the phrase not so ordinary , I mean don’t stick to a square , black pair instead choose different structures , patterns , bold colors and strass .

Thank god there are a huge variety of designs out there for every budget so you can pick one according to your needs ! Take a look below , I have found the most extra glowing sunglasses !

PRO TIP : Sometimes a pair of bold sunglasses will stand out even more than a pair of extravagant designer shoes .



London Fashion Week was full of it bags this September . And for those  who don’t know ,an it bag is a very famous and trendy model that has been carried by celebrities , bloggers etc.

So what better place to wear an it-bag thanLondon Fashion Week . A lot of blogger show off their it-bag collections in the streets of London during one of the most fashionable events in the word , the London Fashion Week .



LFW venues are our runways so we wear the best we got . So it-bags are the first thing I pack every time I prepare my suitcases for London Fashion Week .

The DIOR saddle bag definitely was this season’s it bag ! Yes , the bag with the weird structure that your mom carried in the 90’s was the top it-bag during this London Fashion Week ss19 and basically every fashion event lately.

Some fashionistas (including myself ) hold the vintage one , the original model from the 90’s , the one that Carrie Bradshaw used to carry when others carried the new saddle from DIOR’S AW18 runway .

But anyways the saddle was the season’s it bag and biggest trend !

I have already writen a detailed guide for the dior saddle bag , you can read it here .

If you would like to buy the dior saddle bag , you should do it asap because the price for vintage ones go higher every month and the new one already costs from 2350 $ – 8500 $ . You can read more here


PRO TIP : Sometimes two bags , are better than one .



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