Best places to buy luxury Christmas gifts on Black Friday

Best places to buy luxury Christmas gifts on Black Friday
November 20, 2017 closs team

Hello guys ! Hope you are doing great ! I also hope that you have some extra cash on your bank account because today we are going to talk about where to shop some bargains this upcoming Black Friday ! And for those who might not know what “Black Friday” is , it is one day of the year when you can find the best deals ever. So maybe you are thinking  to buy an expensive PRADA suit to your beloved or a pair of GUCCI shoes to your lady as a Christmas gift, well imagine that 30% , 40% , 50% or even 60% off !!!

What's Black Friday ?

Black Friday is the day of my shopping-dreams !  All my favorite retailers such as net-a-porter , matches fashion and many other  go for big sales up to 50% . Can you believe it , a few weeks before Christmas you can buy this super expensive fabulous dress you saw the other day for new years eve in half price ! So , Black Friday is the day that I prefer to make my pre-Christmas shopping ! And I suggest you to do the same !

When is Black Friday ?

Generally , Black Friday falls on the day following to  US Thanks Giving  . So that means that this year’s Black Friday is on the 24th  of November . In the United Kindgom Black Friday will be the same date this year . So , if you are in the Uk or US , mark on your calendar that on 24th of November you have some serious shopping to do !


I’m pretty sure that many of you know  the OUTNET   , one of the most famous luxury online outlets in the world with  designers from Givenchy to Dolce&Gabanna to so many others .  You can find deals up to 60% off at TheOutnet all year long  but especially when it’s BlackFriday you can find some real crazy sales , for example  last year TheOutnet offered up 80% off all the Black Friday  weekend ! I feel so excited about this ! Think about a pair of  Charlotte Olympia shoes that usually costs around  700 euros and now make it three times down ! That’s WOW !!!


Luisa Via Roma is maybe one of the first luxury stores I ever visited ! I was 15 years old and I was in Florence for a school trip and I accidentally saw the store and I just couldn’t resist a visit ! I saw some Louboutins in the windows and I just jumped in to try them on ! Just in case you are wondering , no I didn’t buy anything from there that time ! I went to Louis Vuitton  and I bought my first Louis Vuitton bag ;p !

So back to our “Black Friday” talk ,  last year Luisa Via Roma treated us with an extra 20% on brands like House of Holland , Fenty x Puma ( I have a big crush on this )  , Adidas Originals and so many other brands to choose from. If they have those perfect heels I saw on Fenty x Puma runway this season I swear to God I will  buy them right away !



Matchesfashion  is one of the best online stores  with a huge range of high-end designers , although I have never bought anything from MATCHESFASHION !  Strange , dont you think ? If you have subscribbed to matchesfashion’s newsletter , you have noticed that they  usually offer a  10% off to their subscribers so I’m waiting for some good sales from matches this Black Friday ! As far as I know last year the they offered some big luxury brands such as Victoria Beckham and Prada on good sales ! So we are waiting for the best for the 24th of November !


Last year on Black Friday I was trying to get into net-a-portet and I just couldnt ! The whole site was down ! On Black Friday net-a-porter offers 50% in items that were never on sales before . You know these items you love and stare at  on INSTAGRAM ;P for a whole season and never go on sale. Well they might be on sale on the 24 of November only at . If you want to shop the latest trends ( GUCCI ,VETEMENTS  etc.) on sale you have to visit net-a-porter or better to try to visit net-a-porter on the 24th of November !



YOOX is the biggest online outlet in the world ! I have purchased several items from  yoox and I was totally satiesfied !This morning I saw that yoox offers a 25% off on selecteed items for this week ! So , if you would like to buy some good designer stuff in a low price check !


If you follow me on INSTAGRAM  , you probably have seen a lot of H&M hauls on my stories ! H&M is my favorite high-street store ! I love shopping at H&M ! I am a big fun of the instore shopping because I relly enjoy spending time in the dressing rooms , but H&M’s online store has a lot of offers everyday so I enjoy that as well ! Also when you subscribe at H&M’s newsletter you get a 25% off for one item of your choice for your next order !

This week H&M’s   online store offers a 40% for selected items until 21-11-2017 , but I believe that H&M will reveal more promotions this week ! Stay tuned at my INSTAGRAM STORIES because I’m going to reveal more exclusive promotions during this week !



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  1. Kapila 7 years ago

    Nice. I hv never shopped on Black Friday. Missed it this year too. Reading your blog makes me feel I have missed on some great deals

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