A short travel guide for charming vacations in Symi Greece

Simi , The Emerald Island
July 24, 2017 closs team
How to get there...

You can reach Simi by ferry from Athens and Rhodes .

Where to stay ...

Enjoy your stay at SYMI GARDEN STUDIOS.

What's our favorite food spot ?

Best place to take breakfast is at the traditional bakery in Panormitis Monastery . For lunch and dinner our favorite place is PANTELIS RESTAURANT .

Favorite place to shop

If you want to shop beautiful kaftans you have to visit MINA BOUTIQUE where you can find the amazing collection of Camila With Love .

Must visit places

Panormitis Monastery , Marathounda beach , Saint George beach , Agia Marina beach .

Best time to visit

Avoid July and August because it’s extremely hot and very crowded.

What to wear...

During summer  Symi is extremely hot so beachwear is perfect from day to night .

Where to take best instagrams ...

Our favorite place to take instagram photos is basically every little street with the traditional colored houses .


Hey guys ! How are you doing ? We are doing great ! We are working a lot this month but we have some exciting projects in progress right now and can’t wait to share them with you !!By the way it is SALE season now , so it’s time to get some shoes ! Check Nordstrom for big sales!

So today we are going to share with you guys our very short trip , it was less than 24h , in Symi . Simi is a tiny island next to Rhodes in South Aegean with 2,500 residents . The most beautiful thing in Simi is the picturesque little streets and houses , so close to one another that from distance they look like a colorful painting  . Beautiful colored houses built amphitheatrically have an unlimited view at the Aegean sea.

Symi is a very cosmopolitan island even though it’s so small .Every month  hundreds of luxury yachts visit Symi island .  The island’s highlights are the Panormitis Monastery , you can go there by ferry or by car, and the magical beaches with the crystal clear waters . Most of these beaches are accessible by ferry . In our extremely short trip there we walked down the beautiful port called Giallos and we had a super delicious dinner by the sea .You have to taste the special tiny shrimps called ”Simiako garidaki” , its a tiny fried shrimp and it tastes amazing . Also , about food, you can eat the best little cheese pies at Panormitis Monastery’s bakery .

Generally , Symi is one of the best places in Greece if you want just to relax and go swimming all day long and of course eat good ! So , now you know what’s your next destination and remember that September is the best time to visit Symi , so hurry up pack your things , you still have time !!