November 5, 2016 closs team

Hello guys ! I am back after many days but I wear the most exclusive piece of the year ! Yeah  , Kenzo x H&M was launched in 3 of November and everybody wanted a piece from the collection ! Once more the collection was limited and the pieces disappeared from the very first moment .

I bought my favorite piece from the whole collection , the jungle Kenzo sweatshirt with the animal-printed sleeves and it’s so amazing .

The quality is incredibly good , you can’t find such a thing in H&M , I can say that the quality is 100% Kenzo ! The zippers at the sleeves are awesome and the embroider logo with that tiger Oh my Dod it’s to die for!!

About the sizing , I bought it in small but it is a little bit tight at the waist area . Now if you are wondering where you can find these pieces I suggest you to take a look on eBay or such sites  .


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  1. Dana 8 years ago

    This jumper is awesome, youre rocking it!

    Dana |

  2. FENTYME 8 years ago

    Wow. Beautiful picture :3

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