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My new favorite beauty habit 100% vegetarian . These new masks from Bodyshop are jars full of energy and beauty secrets .All the masks are inspired by traditional beauty recipes from all over the world and secrets that make your skin perfect . Each mask contains a special superfood because  eating them is simply  not enough. Those beauty miracles are made without parabens , parafins , silicone and mineral oils , their formulas are based on powerful natural ingredients . And thank god they are under 100ml , so they can come with me in the plane !!!

So let’s  meet them!!!!!

-The Himalayan charcoal purifying glow mask  – DETOX KING

This is gonna be your best friend if you want a clear and glowing skin . This mask is one of my favorites , I tried it before sleeping and in the morning my skin looked so clearer !himalayan-charcoal-purifying-glow-mask This mask is the enemy of  the pores , even some red spots  fade .

If that’s what happen after a single use,  I can’t wait to see what will happen after the 10th time!  So if your skin is oily and your pores are a nightmare to you , that mask must be in your routine !








–  British rose fresh plumping mask- MOISTURE QUEEN


Real roses from British gardens  , roses-oil from Chile and biological aloe vera from Mexico sounds like a beauty fairytale and it’s real ! Using this mask you will feel your  skin so  hydrated and fresh and the most exciting is that it feels silky smooth again . _inprrwa557
Real life hurts our skin every day. The heat , the sun and humidity destroy the softness and our faces look blurry . So if you want that silkiness back , definitely use this product!


-Ethiopian Honey Deep Nourishing mask  – NUTRITION DREAM

For those whose skin is tired and dehydrated  this mask is the only one ! After the use the skin looks so shiny  and beautiful , so truly hydrated ! The most important is that you will actually feel it , you will  feel the change ! This is going to be the first thing to take with me in Milan Fashion Week , because I want to feel and look beautiful and above all confident ! That mask is a must for me !superfood-honey-landscape-v2-hr_pr_45pc


-Chinese Ginseng & Rice Clarifying Polishing Mask – GLOW GLOW GLOW

Α powerful treatment against blurriness . Τhis mask would perfect for redness and acne scars too ! If you have some red spots or discolorations this will reduce your problem even from the first use . After using this mask for the first time I felt my skins much cleaner and fresh . I can’t wait to use it again and again , to see the results of the whole treatment !


-Amazonian Acai Energizing Radiance Mask – Energy Boost

If your skin looks tired and you have a lot of  stress which doesn’t let you relax , that mask will help you refresh your whole face ! As usually I tried this mask before sleeping , when I washed it out my skin was still looking red from the powerful ingredients, I said to myself ” ignore it and go to sleep” and it was for a good reason  . The next morning my face looked so relax and refreshed , one of my favorite beauty products ever ! Try it !_inprrwa553



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