Tinder , take or toss ?

Tinder , take or toss ?
February 14, 2016 closs team

  What is Tinder anyway ? The first time I saw it was in my sister’s phone. I think it’s logo is  very  different from the other’s  ,it  is a social media on fire indeed. I am a curious girl so  I opened the app  and that moment I discovered the e-matchmaker . Oh my God , that is exactly what Tinder is  . A ‘person-matchmaker’ would meet  you with guys around your city that have already  shown some interest about you and if you like them back then the   matchmaker would arrange a date between you and him  ! So that was  a classic way for a girl to get married , if she couldn’t find the right groom , that social  lady in the neighborhood would  take the situation in her  hands.But with Tinder nothing is the same anymore !!

 The most effective way to get to know Tinder is to speak with a person that uses the application in a daily baisis . Yes only a Tinder addict   could make me understand the way a new electronic matchmaker can be a part of our society.I guess all the romance and the dreams of true love  passsed away? Or just people are afraid to go out and find the perfect guy ? Maybe our iphone’s screen makes us feel safe.

A conversation with a Tinder user :

ME : What is Tinder anyway ?

T.U : Tinder is something like a society . When you register you choose your preference about the sex , you can choose both . Also , you choose a age range and the maximum distance between you and your potential matches  .

ME : How does  it really work ? You just see the boys or girls or you can chat with them too?

T.U : This is the thing that makes Tinder really cool . Tinder shows you the people that match with your preference  then  you can like them and they can’t see the like unless they like you back ! If two people  like each other they make a match and the chat opens eventually !There is also the ‘Superlike’ and it is like the regular ”like” of Facebook but it works  more demostratively .

ME : Ok . So Tinder makes you feel safe because you are exposed to a  person that likes you too and you are not affraid of being rejected ? Maybe this is the reason why  you use it ?

T.U: Yes I feel safe but this is not the main reason why I use it . At first I didn’t know that there is  this like safety thing . I use it cause I can easily meet people  who use the app the exact same reason , so I don’t feel like I am doing something on my own .

ME  :Why men use Tinder ?

T.U : Look in the men’s mind Tinder is a sex-provider  .It’s all about sex .

ME : Have you ever  dated  with any Tinder guy and if you have did it go well ?

T.U : Yes , I actually  have dated  one and I run away in the middle of the date!! But you know shit happens !! The next will be better hopefully!

So , Tinder is more complicated than I thought . It is created to cure people’s fear of rejection and their need for quick sex . If you need just a sex partner maybe  this helps but if you are looking for the love of your life I guess  you are in the wrong place ! But anyways a try will convince you !!





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