Everything we know about Simone Rocha x H&M,the girliest collaboration ever made

Everything We Know About Simone Rocha x H&M , The Girliest Collaboration Ever Made


H&M, known for iconic designer collaborations for almost 20 years now , announced the new upcoming project. In the last years, H&M collaborated with legendary designers and fashion houses like Karl Lagerfeld and Balmain. Now it’s time for the Irish, London based designer Simone Rocha to create a collection for H&M. 

What does this mean?

Well, we know Simone Rocha for her girly creations. Sequins, pearls, collars are the things that Rocha uses most in her collections. Have you seen the ”Bridgerton” series on Netflix? We hope that this collaboration will have a taste of Brigderton’s wardrobe. And as far we know Rocha’s style, we will probably see this . 

“To be honest, it was really emotional going through all the pieces — it was a wonderful chance to reflect on seasons I was especially proud of, and to revisit collections that felt like milestones, and little gems of ideas that we maybe didn’t push as far as we wanted to the first time round. The archive is so important to the way I work as a designer anyway. We are not a brand that abandons ideas each season — we often look back on past propositions or continue to evolve a silhouette, or shape,” says Rocha.

“My approach at every stage of the design process was to remember that for some this would be an introduction to Simone Rocha, a chance to enjoy the brand for the first time, while for others this will be a chance to recall the history of a brand that they have followed for a while. Maybe they will be able to buy a version of a piece that they missed the first time, or a piece they always wanted but didn’t get. Through H&M, they will be able to access a new, timeless, special piece to mix in with their existing items from past runway collections. I really hope there is something for everyone — every woman, every guy, the whole family,” says Rocha.

It’s amazing that this time H&M includes a wardrobe for the entire family. So in this collaboration we have womenswear , menswear and childrenswear , sadly not pets stuff !! Now, it’s time for you, your husband, and your children to wear Simone Rocha x H&M while enjoying your Sunday brunch in the garden. 

 So, what to expect from this year’s awaited collaboration Simone Rocha x H&M? Delicate tulle dresses, tartan tailoring, beaded shirting, cable knits, outerwear such as trench coats, and signature accessories like sparkling jewelry and pearl-embellished shoes. The entire range comes in Simone Rocha’s identifiable and poetic color palette that mixes cream, pink, red, and black


The Simone Rocha x H&M collection launches 11 March.