Jacquemus Book ”Images” Is Made Of His Favorite Iphone Photos

Simon Porte Jacquemus Book ''Images'' Is Made Of His Favorite Iphone Photos

*Simon Porte Jacquemus book ”Images” launched officially on the 1st of September .  Because it instantly sold out , the designer announced that he is reprinting the book and it’s available now for pre orders at jacquemus.com . According to the designer , the books  are now printing in France and they will be available in December . If you want one of these aesthetic treasures you should better pre order.The demand is very high right right now .*

The designer behind the brand Jacquemus that has elavated our Instagram feeds and aesthetic , Simon Porte Jacquemus launched his second Jacquemus book ”Images”on September 1st 2020 .Consequently it became an instant sold out .  The book is full of his favorite iphone images . The designer said on his Instagram account that ”I am so happy to launch our 2nd book on the 1st of September! All my favorite iPhone images in one book! So excited!” 

 Above all Jacquemus imagery is inspired by the beauty of the Mediterranean and its people . Dreamy lavish landscapes , sandy beaches in Canary island and his ” home” Marseille are the Jacquemus central source of inspiration .The first Jacquemus book launched back on 2017.  It was a collaboration between several artists and photographers .It is  dedicate to his favorite region of France , Marseille. Marseille Je t’aime is the name of his first book .

What to expect to see inside this Jacquemus book pages ?

Well , as said above, the designer and his eponymous brand has changed our aesthetic and taken us to a multicolor , sunkissed , dazzling South France landscape . Photos of course of his most iconic pieces like La Bomba hat and the chiquito bag will be the stars of this Jacquemus book’s colorful pages .

 His visual is all about the simple life in the charming and  extraordinarily beautiful Mediterranean coast , something we all dream about especially in this hard year of the pandemic that changed our lifestyles in so many ways .Colourfull , without filter , with plenty sunlight and his unique creations , this book’s images will transport you directly  to the Jacquemus world .

In conclusion ,even though he is only 30 years old , the designer Simon Porte Jacquemus has managed to build and establish one of the most influential fashion brands right now . Firstly , his followers love him . Secondly, celebrities wear all his collections. And most importantly  everyone has been inspired by him and his iphone images , so if you need color and a bit of the South France’s beauty in your life , the Jacquemus book ”Images” is the next coffee table book you need.