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he pink shoes you should buy this winter

Hey ! Hope you are doing great ! A new feature has been launched this week in , the ‘SHOP MY INSTAGRAM page. Now you can shop our insta feed directly from our blog , do you love it ? Yesss of course you do !! So , since we started talking about shopping , when was the last time you went  shopping ? For me it was last week ,  I did some cyber shopping and I bought some  gorgeous GUCCI shoes . If you watched my stories on INSTAGRAM last week you probably saw the unboxing .

Now  we are going to talking about shoes , pink ones ! I know what  you are thinking ”On Tuesdays we wear pink” but I say ”Pink all the week ”! So girls , I’m pretty sure that every day of the week is super busy for you , morning workouts , work/school , dates etc. You have a very full program , but you still want to look fabulous . What could give your everyday basis more glam than a pair of fabulous shoes !! Shoes can change the whole outfit especially when they are pink right !! Maybe a girly touch is what your office outfit needs to look glamorous .

Have you ever imagined how many types of pink shoes are out there and waiting for you to buy them? And pink shoes are not only  pumps . Thanks to GUCCI , who brought back the  loafers in amazing colors .

The shoes I’m wearing in these photos are by ZARA . Oh yes , they are not Manolo ( so many have asked me if they are Manolo Blahnik!!) . I don’t know why everybody believes that this pair is Manolo . When I asked Tarik why is this happening , he told me ” Maybe because you have dozens of designer shoes ” ;p . Anyways , I purchased these pink beauties on September for 49,99 euros . The quality is very good , they are made of real leather . They fit normally  . Generally , the lower the heel , the bigger the size . I’m not sure that you can find these anymore , I think that they’re   sold out everywhere but I have some other  beauties for you below . And because I love you so much , I have already categorized them for you .


I can imagine what your office outfit would look like , a pair of silk trousers with a fancy blazer and a pair of earrings , am I right ? Now , imagine this outfit with a pair of fabulous pink shoes ! I believe that in your office you have to wear a comfortable pair of shoes -because you gonna wear it 8 hours least- but not a boring one . Take a look above , these furry GUCCI slipper, I bet that they are the most comfortable shoes you may ever wear but at the same time they are the most gorgeous  pair of the season .

he pink shoes you should buy this winter


It’s Saturday morning , you are going for a brunch with your girlies .So you need comfort and style . I found you some pairs of heels that I  wear for my walks. There are heels you can wear when you go for shopping without suffering , trust me . So don’t wear your So Kate pumps but these pink GUCCI mid heels , ok ?

I purchased this model in a light orange color last week , if you watch my STORIES on instagram you may have seen the unboxing video . I want to say that this pair is the most comfortable heel you may ever wear . I can walk 5 or more  hours without feeling any pain ! Give it a try !


And it’s party time ! Glitter , stones , feather , fur ,whatever it takes to make this special event perfect ! I think it’s time to treat yourselves with a pair or maybe two of these gorgeous shoes , don’t you think girls ? Don’t forget that we are very close to holiday season so you have to buy one pair for yourself plus the pair your boyfriend will buy you ;P !

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  1. Kamira Gayle 2 years ago

    Those first pair of shoes are super cute. I’m not a fan of high heels so these are perfect. Great choices for upcoming holiday parties.

  2. lau 2 years ago

    these are all gorgeous, I specially like Dolce&Gabbana shoes with all their floral embroidery and golden heels but those by Miu Miu are also super cute


  3. Anissa 2 years ago

    Awesome shoe collection! Great post!

  4. Lauren 2 years ago

    never before seen shoes! those slippers look so comfy!!

  5. Ivana 2 years ago

    Not a huge fan of puffs on shoes, but loved the first one, The Red, just meow 🙂

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