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July 19, 2017 closs team
How much Lady Dior cost ?

  A brand new Lady Dior current price  is 4,100 $ .

 But have in your mind that this price  always increases ! Luxury brands always increases the prices in their iconic pieces ! Think about CHANEL , the famous French fashion house increase the prices of their iconic bags 5-8% every year ! That’s a lot of money ! So for these pieces ”the sooner , the cheaper ” . It’s an iconic classic design so I believe that it deserves the money . Also did you know that how many second hand Lady Dior bags get sold out every single day ?

A lot ! And that’s because a brand new Lady dior bag’s price increases so and the preloved’s one increases too . Even if you want to buy a second hand Lady Dior bag ( for me it’s the best solution , why you need to pay more than 4000$ when you can save the half or maybe more ) you must hurry because the prices increases every year !

According to www.vestiairecollective.com the price range for a Lady dior bag is from 400 (fabric bag ) – 23000 $ (an exotic leather bag ) . But the models that costs from 400-1000 , which is an excellent price range , get sold out immediately ! There are shoppers that waiting to find a Lady Dior bag in a good price so they can achieve a good ROI ( return on investment ). So girls , if   you are going to buy a Lady dior bag do it now !

''Lady Dior bag's price increases every year , even in the vintage ones , so the sooner you buy it the better ''
Quality ? (1-10)

      It’s obvious that it’s a  10 .

This bag designed for a fashion icon and a princess , Lady Diana . That’s the reason that its called Lady Dior . So , the quality is royal ! Every material that has been used for this bag is the finest .

From my personal experience this bag is made to last and looking luxury and expensive for many years ! Think that I have this bag more than three years ( thank god I bought it back then ) and that I use it weekly , it still looks like brand new ! And the most important I still feel it like new ! It’s still luxury after 4 years .

So , yes the lambskin leather is the best , the hardwear is heavy and expensive and all the stuff in this bag are the best . And they still look brand new ! And for me that’s the important thing !


Wear it with ?

Lady Dior is a statement bag , so you might be wondering about the Lady Dior size right?!! You can wear this bag with basically everything ! I wear it with my gym clothes or with my party outfits !

An iconic design like this is the centre piece of your outfit so wear it with everything ! You wear a legend so who will care for the rest ! When I’m in a not so good moon a wear black tights and a sweater and my Lady Dior bag and I feel stylish and great !


How to take care of it ?

Pieces like this bag needs a lot of care ! You can give a home spa in your Lady Dior bag , by following these easy steps below !

Clean it gently with a slightly wet cloth and use a polishing sponge to make it shine bright like a diamond !!!

Or you can give it to a specialist to offer a special bag !

Where to buy it ?

You can purchase a Lady Dior bag at any Dior boutique . You can also  buy  Lady Dior in onlinsecond hand stores like REAL REAL and save a lot of money  . Usually a pre-loved Lady Dior costs around 500 – 3000 $ depending on the condition . And don’t worry about the authenticity , sites like vestiaire collective , realreal.com guarantee your bag’s authenticity ! And these online retailers have been featured in major publications like VOGUE , Harpeers Bazaar etc so no worries .

Also , almost all the others second hand online retailers offer return policies . Except , vestiairecollective.com that has return policy for items from official sellers . The returns  when it comes to vestiairecollective are a little complicated but why you will change an iconic Lady Dior bag that you bought in a very good price ?

What about Lady Dior size ?

But pay attention to the Lady Dior size you’re going to choose because you don’t want an expensive bag that doesn’t fits your necessities or a huge bag with space you don’t really need !So the Lady Dior size is a thing you should consider !

The demensions of the classic Lady Dior bag are h 24 x w 20 x d 11 cm . Also there bigger Lady Dior sizes and smaller ones .

The Large Lady Dior bag is the biggest model , in the Lady Dior bags family and have these dimensions w 32 x  h 25 x d 11 cm

Also there is the Lady Dior tote bag ( the bigger model ) have exact same   dimensions with the Large one ( w 32 x h 25 x d 11 cm ) .

The mini Lady Dior bag ( the smaller model ) have these dimensions : h 17 x w 15 x  d 7 cm .

classic lady dior bag

I’m very excited today because I’m going to talk about my favorite designer bag , the Lady Dior and Lady Dior size.Yes , I love my Lady Dior bag so much . I purchased it at the Dior boutique in Athens a couple of years ago and I still believe it’s one of my best fashion investments. I mean Lady Dior is part of the ”iconic bags squad ” next to the  Chanel classic flap bag , the Chanel 2.55 , Hermes Birkin etc. I love it because its a classic , it will always be in a Dior boutique  and always in style. When you spend an amount of 4,100$ , it’s better to buy something classic especially when you are starting to collect designer bags . I still remember the day I purchased it , we were in Zonars for coffee and we were discussing about our work and then I said let’s go to Dior to try some shoes (yes, that was an excuse 😉 ) and then I bought my classic black Lady Dior . If you want to buy such an expensive bag , just do it ! Don’t overthink  ! Also , this bag never gets old but you have to be careful and take good care of it ! I wear it with everything and everywhere from fashion weeks to gym !

So as I said before , the Lady Dior size is not a thing to underestimate!There are 4 sizes to choose  . . Mine is the  is the original classic size . This is the size Princess Diana used to hold .  Mini are so cute but , if you need it to carry  a lot of things , these sizes aren’t for you . The size I have is pretty good , it fits my iPhone 7 plus , my iPad mini , my wallet ,a notebook and a mini make up case . So girls if you want to make an investment in a bag , Lady Dior is definitely your best option .But hurry and I mean it ! You want to buy it in a good price so there’s no better time than today !  Stay tuned for more bag reviews !