September 6, 2016 closs team

Denim is my one of my faves as you all have seen ūüėČ The total denim ¬†look is a big trend right now and like that that a lot ! A difficult day¬†full of work ¬†may be happier¬†and more stylish if you are wearing¬†a super easy look. What can be easier from a pair of jeans , I we all have them ¬†(except Kiki lol ¬†;)) ?? Most of us wear a pair of jeans and a polo shirt in the office but if you choose a denim shirt or a sweatshirt like i am wearing in the pictures instead of the polo ,you will upgrade ¬†your style so much . When I’m not traveling or attending events and shows , and thank god summer is that time of the year¬†, I want to be as comfortable as possible without loosing my style !

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